Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mad for all the wrong reasons

L T is mad, and dammit he should be! Unfortunately he's mad for the wrong reason. He was mad after they lost to the Patriots because some of them were mocking Shawn Merriman on his field. Hey, he thought it was disrespectful and classless and he couldn't stand by and watch. I don't completely disagree, but if I'm L T that's the last thing I'd be mad about. He should be mad at his teammates for all the dumb penalties they kept getting and all the mistakes they were making that were somewhat uncharacteristic of them. Penalty after penalty kept giving the Patriots life and that is the last thing Tom Brady needs. L T should have been trying to fight his teammates for helping ruin his wonderful season. After he's done being angry with them, he should direct his attention to being angry at his coach! His coach who seems to forget that more times than not he has the best player on the field on his sideline. They got into several 3rd and short situations and despite the fact that L T had been running through, and around Patriots like they were invisible his coach completely forgot about him. I mean seriously, if L T isn't good for anything he can get you 3 yards with little effort more often than not. He should be pissed that his coach didn't give him that chance right before the Patriots marched down the field and scored a field goal to give them the lead permanently. Marty decided to put the game in the hands of his first year starter who owes the fact that no one noticed how poorly he played toward the end of the season to L T. Let's not even talk about the 2 timeouts Marty wasted in the second half. What coach in his right mind would take a timeout 18 seconds before the 2 minute warning when you only have one left??? The way Marty has coached in the postseason I guess we wouldn't be out of place to question his sanity! I'm not the type of person who's always calling for a coach's head, but in this instance I think the Chargers need to move on so they don't waste the career of one of the best running back's to ever play this game. Marty's postseason record was abysmal before this season and on this day we got to see exactly why. So I don't blame L T for being mad, but he's mad for the wrong reason.