Friday, March 9, 2012

Regarding Josh Smith (8 minute free write)

 This post will be all over the place, and it probably will not flow very well. You've been warned.

Josh has wanted to be traded for quite a while. Josh has needed to be traded for even longer.
I am an unabashed Josh Smith supporter.  If you've read this blog then that's not news, so there's no need to dwell on it.
 While I'd prefer to have Josh as a member of the team I root for, I don't think it's in his best interests to stay in Atlanta.  The organization and the city's treatment of him has been baffling at times. Many people regard him as the third best player on the team (a stance I vehemently disagree with)  but for years he's been the player who takes the bulk of the blame for the team's shortcomings.  The Hawks have two All-Stars, and neither of them is named Josh Smith. Yet, it's Josh Smith who's the whipping boy when the team fails.  I think it would do him a world of good to go to another city, and play for a better organization. The Hawks are not trying to win a championship, and we've known that for the last 2 decades.  Anyone who is serious about winning or at least competing for one, definitely need not look to the Atlanta Spirit to provide such an opportunity.  That's a hard pill to swallow as a fan. Imagine how it feels when you're a player.

My only hope is that they can get some decent pieces in return. Do I think Rick Sund is capable of getting equal value for Josh? Nope, but miracles happen everyday. Although truth be told, there's no one of equal talent who's available. Even Josh's loudest haters would be kidding themselves if they said there was someone out there who can do what he does on both ends of the floor, that the Hawks can realistically get to replace him. He has to be traded though. They basically made the decision about Josh's future in Atlanta when they gave Joe that contract.
I doubt Josh will be traded before the deadline because if there's one thing this organization is committed to, it's creating the illusion that they're trying to compete with the other elite teams. He's been carrying the team without the services of his two All Star teammates, so nothing is going to happen before the summer.

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