Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Throw Shooting Clinic

You can't miss 15 free throws.

I'm so happy I was in my car listening to miss after miss on the radio as opposed to being at home watching it on television. At one point I thought Steve Holman was going to leave in disgust. Could we really blame him if he had just said to hell with this?

Come on guys. Just, come on.


Practice makes perfect, or in this case hopefully practice makes at least average.

Free throws aren't the only problem, they aren't even the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that our starting back court has lost it's ability to make shots. Flip Murray has been the best guard on the team for the past 3 games. With all due respect to Flip, this is not a recipe for success. I'm not just saying that because Flip terrifies me on any given night. They've lost the last 3 games. I can't make this stuff up.

Normally teams lose when the guys who make the big bucks don't play well for several games at a time. In this case those two guys are Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby. They've played so poorly I openly plead for Flip when he's not on the floor.

Josh is making big bucks, but he's played relatively well of late.

If things keep going the way they are going the team is going to have to adjust it's goals from winning 50 games and making the playoffs with home court advantage to something more feasible like winning at least 41 games and making the playoffs period. (which is what Rick Sund had in mind, not necessarily only 41 games, but at least having a winning record)

They really need to finish off January on a positive note because February's schedule is not going to be kind to them. They only have 3 home games.

I mean I know it's the shortest month and all, but damn. Of course they get it all back in March where they have 11 out of 12 at home, but they could be out of contention by then. Do I actually think they'll fall out of the playoff race in the East? No, but stranger things have happened.

I'd love to think that when Al comes back we'll right all of our wrongs, but Al can't do anything about the fact that Bibby and Joe can't seem to score anymore. All players go through shooting slumps so I can deal with that reality, but they (Mike in particular) have to find other ways to contribute when their shots are not falling and they (Mike in particular, Joe, not so much) haven't been able to do that. Mike is the point guard so he is still responsible for making sure the offense (whatever it is) runs smoothly. He's not been doing that. He's become one of those one dimensional players who when they aren't scoring they might as well be in the locker room. That is unacceptable. Maybe he just needs to be reminded that he's in a contract year.

While they are still on pace to end the month at 4-3 like I'd hoped, I don't feel good about the upcoming New Jersey game. They had them down by 20 at the half the last time they played and they lost. Mike Bibby isn't going to all of a sudden be quick enough to keep Devin Harris in front of him. Heaven help us if Vince Carter decides he wants to channel his inner Vince Carter circa 2000. It could get ugly. I have to assume Mike and or Joe will come to life sooner rather than later.

I'm going to go ahead and assume it will happen Friday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Good Old Fashioned Vent!

Last night's game against the Heat disappointed me.
I don't fault their effort, but damn they made the Heat look like the Celtics defensively. That's unacceptable.
Mike has struggled mightily the last two games.
Joe for the most part has struggled mightily since December.
Al is still out.
If you're keeping score this all adds up to the Hawks losing games.
Josh is playing well, but he needs one of the guards to play well as well.
Flip Murray has been the best guard on the team the last two games. Make of that what you will.
Mike Bibby is really making it hard for me to convince people he's deserving of his first All Star appearance. Of course two games does not undo everything else he's done, but these last two games are the most recent things coaches will remember. He may have played himself out of the All Star game last night (if they were considering him in the first place).
I said a few days ago that health was going to be the biggest issue going forward. Now I have to amend that to scoring is going to be the biggest issue going forward. How do you go almost 14 minutes without a field goal? That's dreadful.
I'd like to never ever ever see Acie, Mike and Joe on the floor at the same time again. Thanks in advance.
If Joe and Mike don't have it, find a guard who does. That just so happens to be Flip lately, but what's the harm in putting West and or Gardner out there when you're losing by 20? Aren't they up 20, down 20 guys anyway?
Next up the SSOL Knicks. Hopefully we can get our Twenty Four Seconds Or Less offense back on track.

Monday, January 26, 2009

About Last Night's Game.

The Hawks lost. They were dreadful the last 6 plus minutes of the game.
Phoenix was desperate so I kinda expected this one.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Start of the 4th qtr

Alright this is it. I hope this game doesn't come down to free throws.

FLIP is in for Bibby and I'm actually okay with it. Our first possession did not go well. Phoenix leads by 5

Where is Za Za?
Flip is actually the person I'm most comfortable with right now since Marv isn't on the floor.
A Score and one more for Solo and yes.

Hawks foul Mo Evans.
Offensive foul Shaq. Ryan is disgusted with it btw.
Josh Smith with the jam. My boy is playing tonight. He's playing Amare to a draw right now. He has 17 and 10 Amare has 16 and 4. Actually Josh is playing better and he has 2 monster highlights in this game. If he doesn't make Sportscenter I'm going to be unhappy. Well actually I might not know one way or the other, but I'm just saying.
88-85 with 9:27 to go in the game.
Back in for the Hawks Za Za for Solo. Solo did a fine job tonight.

Joe works so hard and the refs don't respect him at all! I'd be fuming if I were at home. I'd be cussing and acting a fool.
Solo is back in.
Shaq at the line, Phoenix leads by 1, free throw is no good.
Oh no Barbosa for 3 and Bibby is coming back in the game.
94-90 Phoenix.
I'm going to have to wrap this thing up a little before the game ends. Hopefully we'll be winning. 7:04 to go in the fourth.
heaven help us if we come out here with 4 guards. Um Mike for Flip was not a good move at this point. Mike has nothing tonight. Hopefully he'll make me eat these words.
And just like that he hits a 3 at the top of the key.
Okay I'm about to wrap this up and just watch the rest of the game. I'll let you know if the Hawks won in the morning.
Joe just missed a wide open layup. I'm gone. Score is 95-94 Hawks.

Middle of the third QTR

Okay while I was eating. The Hawks started the third qtr much like they started the first qtr.

Suns lead by 2 70-68
Mike Bibby's shot is waaaay off today, just so you know. He won't fret over it if i know him like I think I do. He never does. It's just basketball. I don't actually know him, but I mean reading his quotes after he has a poor game I know he won't care.
Joe is at the line, no and yes.
I love Mike Bibby, but my goodness his defense is like that of Steve Nash. Awful. They couldn't keep posters in front of them.
I wonder how far 20,000 sky miles would take you.
Back in for your Hawks FLIP MURRAY.

Our 3 point shooting has not been good tonight. I don't know the stats so I'm just guessing.

Hawks trail by 1

Moe at the line courtesy of Munson. Yes and yes, Hawks take the lead, then give it right back.

Marvin hit a three so some lucky fan just won 20,000 sky miles and he said Marv would do it. Good for him.
Tech on Terry Porter. Marv at the line and he missed it. We suck at free throws and its unacceptable.
Hawks lead by 1 with 2:54 left in the quarter.

Solo just picked up his fourth out of the timeout. Jason Richardson at the line, yes and yes.
Hawks foul Mike Bibby. I think it was a moving screen.


ryan wants defense as does the crowd. We oblige.

Mike Bibby is unbelievably off tonight. He won't quit shooting though.
We are ending this third qtr sloppily.
Okay I officially want Mike to stop shooting. I thought he had at least this game to leave a lasting impression on the coaches so maybe they'd vote him in the All Star game, but he is not so they may not. Guess I won't be watching. 83-80 Suns after 3.

Live Blog Second QTR

The Sky Squad is not at their best tonight. I'm a little disappointed. Actually I'm a lot disappointed.
Ciara's in the house and she's dancing in her seat. Cute green jacket.

Start of the second, Shaq's back in the game as is Bibby.
Bibby picks up his second, see ya in the 3rd qtr sweetie!

JJ checks back in.
Air ball by J Rich.

Suns lead by 3
Flip Murray to the line courtesy of Shaq. Yes and yes.

Flip Murray and your Hawks take the lead! Then give it right back. Timeout hawks.

Time for Hawkapella Karaoke. I love this. One of the players sings a song and the fan has to guess the song.

Marvin Williams sings Shaquille Oneals What's Up Doc which came out in 1993. She had to guess the year.
Hawks lead by 3 Ive missed a couple of possessions cuz I was mixing an energy drink. Yikes

Suns foul, Grant Hill his first team third.
Foul on Matt Barnes that was actually on Shaq, but whatever. Marvin to the line.
Yes and yes.

Ryan wants defense, Hawks don't oblige. Amare for two.

Foul on grant Hill, Joe to the line. Yes and yeeees. (it rattled in)

Tie game while I was texting my buddy Walt.

Joe Johnson for 2, he's found his shot.
Shaq to the line, yes and no
Josh is putting in work against Amare.

Too Many Steps. Hawks Ball!
Our first dance by the A-Town Dancers. So what, they're still a rock star.

42-39 Hawks with 5:48 to go in the half.

Randolph Morris has picked up two quick fouls.

Barbosa with a 3. Suns lead by 2

Randolph Morris has picked up his 3rd foul, but Woody leaves him in. this makes no sense. He takes out the really good players for the half but lets the not so really good players stay in. Oh Mike. I can't figure you out at all.

Josh Smith just hit another long jumpr and immediately comes down and puts his private parts in Steve Nash's grill, but he missed the free throw but so what!
Steve Nash has 3 fouls and Terry Porter looks slightly confused.

Hawks are looking good closing out the half. 52-47

Kiss Cam time. It's really early for this. They put it on Brook Lopez and um I think his name is Munson. He's willing but Lopez is not.

I have a major headache.
Amare for two.
A score and one more for Marvin! yes on the ft
Ryan wants defense. We give him a defensive 3 second violation. Hill makes the free throw.
Josh defends Amare well.
Hawks turnover.
Foul on Randolph Morris, Othello Hunter comes in to relieve him!
Randolph Morris has like 4 fouls in 6 minutes. You can't coach that stuff.
For some reason Bob Delaney t's up Woody. Maybe Woody doesn't know we're winning.
FLIP MURRAY to the line, yes and no.
Hawks lead 57-55 at the end of the first half. I'm headed to the club level to rub arms with the groupies for a few.

Opening Tip, First Qtr

Rick showed up a few minutes ago. He was awesome very candid. I'll have some quotes from him at a later date. Just know that he doesn't share my concerns about Flip.
We're about 3 minutes away from tip off. This game worries me because Phoenix really really really needs a win. Their east coast trip has not been kind to them.
Out on the court there is a large group of children all wearing Al Horford jerseys. I presume they are about to grace us with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled banner.
Okay Spirit just made his descent from the rafters. The Atlanta Hawks drumline is now on the floor.
I'm sitting beside Drew from Za Za's Playground and Peachtree Hoops. Apparently he's taken over from Brett who is now uber famous and blogging for ESPN's Truehoop Network.

The Highlight Factory is now open for business.

Bob Delaney is here. This game could so go either way.

Starting lineup for the Suns: Shaq, Amare, Grant Hill, Nash, and Jason Richardson

Hawks starters: Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Za Za, Mike Bibby and Marvin Williams.

Hawks win the opening tip. By default.
Mike Bibby for two

Jason Richardson for 3. I hear he's incredible in NBA Live.
Okay I'm not going to opine on every possession.
5-2 Suns
Josh Smith with the layup.

Jason Richardson got blocked, Marv came down and hit a j.

Its awfully quiet in here, but there are a lot of people in the arena.

The crowd wants defense, Josh Smith obliges and makes Amare dribble it off his foot.

6-7 Suns lead
Joe misses a layup.

Marv fouls Hill. 2 shots. yes and yes

Turnover Hawks, turnover Suns.

Hawks ball.
For everyhing Steve Nash and Mike Bibby bring you on offense, they are horrible on defense.
timeout Hawks. Suns lead 11-6

The game is sloppy early on, there's no energy in the building right now. Hopefully that will end soon.
Beyonce says if you like it then you should have put a ring on it. I concur. I'm also wearing tight Dereon jeans just so ya know.
The Hawks are working way too hard for their shots.
Josh just hit a long jumper. Drew is now very afraid.
And one for Shaq.
Suns have opened up a 10 point lead.
The refs refuse to call fouls on Suns players. Told yall this game could go either way with Bob Delaney. He's always the closest official to the Hawks player getting mugged, but he never sees it.
Timeout Hawks, Suns have a 12 point lead.
I told you this game worried me because the Suns need a win like badly.

I'm stillc onfident about our chances because we've gotten off to slow starts before, but um still. I'd like them to score on this next possession. That'd be great.

Finally! a foul on a Suns player!
JJ at the line, yes and in for your Hawks Solo for Za Za. Joe missed the second free throw of course.

Offensive foul Amare Stoudemire.
All of Joe's sots are short tonight.
Hawks are settling for jumpers. Score is 22-11 Phoenix.
Josh Smith for 2.
Ryan Cameron wants defense, so do I. Hawks oblige! 24 second violation.

Moe Evans in for Marvin, Matt Barnes in for Hill.
Moe Evans for 3.
6 point game.
8 point game.

Solo to the line, timeout Phoenix.
Time for Inside the Hawks.
Mario West says people say he looks like Denzel. hahahahahahhahahahahaah! I mean Mario is cute, but stop it.
Moe Evans is slightly boring on the jumbotron.
Randolph Morris has a lot of personality on the jumbotron. Unexpected.
Mike Bibby wants to have dinner with Michael Jordan and Tupac.
Joe wants to have dinner with Magic Johnson. And that was Inside The Hawks presented by UPS.
In for your Hawks out of the timeout FLIP MURRAY!
Solo missed one of two.
Leandro Barbosa is in the game. Oh no.

17-24 Suns lead.

17-26 Suns.
Joe is off tonight, but he's still willing to shoot. Gotta love that.

Ryan wants defense. Solo obliges.
Timeout Phoenix, Hawks have cut it to 5.
Foul on Solo out of the timeout, Barbosa makes 1 of 2 free throws.

Lets Go Hawks! Let's Go Hawks

Joe Johnson.

Joe Johnson for 3.
1 point game. Ryan want defense! Hawks oblige.
End of the first qtr 26-27 Phoenix. Hawks defense towards the end of the quarter was awesome!

Live Blog from The Highlight Factory ,Pre-Game

Hello all. I'm coming to you live from Philips arena. Yay. Tonight the Hawks will be taking on the Suns.
First things first, this will not be spell checked or proofread.
Second things second. Most of the people who read my blog are here live blogging right beside me. Shout out to all of you!
We are sitting in a suite waiting on Rick Sund. He's a lil late, but we understand. I only have one question to ask him anyway. Will we re-sign Mike Bibby? I don't really care about anything else at this point.
Marvin Williams is down there working on his free throws as we speak. Thank goodness. You know how they used to run the free throw drills in highschool where the players would line up like they would if there were a game while one person shoots and you clap once if they miss and twice if they make it. Yeah okay maybe they only did that in Alabama, but whatever. The Hawks should totally try that. Just so I'd know for sure that they actually practice free throws and they just suck at them. Right now I'm just convinced they don't practice. I'd love to be proven wrong.
there are a lot of Suns fans here. Yuck. I hope we send them home mildly depressed in a couple of hours.
I'm so glad we have great seating tonight. Last year we had to sit in the rafters. That's about all I have for pre-game activities. I'll be back hopefully before the tip off.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mike Bibby=All Star

Tonight on TNT the All Star starters will be announced. I'm not sure when the reserves will be announced, but if Mike Bibby is not among them









That is all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Season Series Sweep.

Statistically it doesn't make sense, but the Hawks beat the Bulls last night.

The Bulls rebounded more. 48

The Bulls ran more. 19 fast break points

The Bulls shared the ball more. 25 assists

The Bulls scored in the paint more. 40 points

The Bulls even hit baskets more. (okay that doesn't make sense, but I really wanted to end that sentence with the word more). They made more shots, whatever. 40-83 (.482)
They lost despite all of those things.

The Hawks had more steals. <9> Mike Bibby had 5 of them.

The Hawks attempted and made more three pointers. <9-25> Mike Bibby had 5 of them.

The Hawks had more points, which is the only thing that matters. <105>

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let the cliches be our comfort.

Okay, so the new year has not been great for our Atlanta Hawks, but I will not fret.

It's a long season.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

You have to crawl before you walk.

Don't put the cart in front of the horse.

They just have to take it one game at a time.

Okay enough with the cliches. You get my point. It's only January and the regular season doesn't end until April. They have been playing poorly of late, but luckily for them they started off so wonderfully that they can afford to have a few bad nights.

Their biggest obstacle going forward is going to be health. Al has missed several games due to a bone bruise and there is no telling how long Marvin is going to be out after that nasty fall he suffered during the Warriors game. It's not like Marvin was completely healthy before that concussion anyway.

Acie got hurt during the second quarter of today's game against the Raptors. He hasn't historically been a regular part of the Hawks rotation, but in the last few games he has gotten some positive minutes. Let's hope he bounces back quickly.

They have 7 games left in the month of January and all things considered they shouldn't finish any worse than 4-3 (IMO).

Oh, Coach Woodson has been going with a 4 guard lineup waaay to much. I'd like to see some size on the floor especially towards the end of the game when they need rebounds. Josh Smith cannot be the tallest person on the floor. He just can't.

Congratulations to the team for being selected as the game of the night (chosen by the fans) on NBA TV this Tuesday.

They've come a long way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Thoughts.

Yes, you're mired in a four game losing streak, but continue to think happy thoughts.
Look at the puppies.......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Note To Atlanta Hawks Players: How to shoot a free throw.


Bibby, you know I heart you and I know you mean a lot to the team. Get in a few extra layups in practice.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolutions For The Atlanta Hawks

There's no excuse for my lack of blogging. I've just been lazy. Don't blame me, blame Peachtree Hoops. Brett's just so darn thorough I end up venting on his articles. Then I just troll through other Hawks blogs i.e. Za Za's Playground, Human Highlight and etc. and before I know it there's nothing left to be said. One of my New Year's resolutions was to write more. We aren't even a week into 2009 and I'm failing miserably. I did take time to write a few resolutions for the Atlanta Hawks. In the interest of full disclosure, I wrote this before the New Year.