Friday, October 25, 2013

2013-2014 Atlanta Hawks Season Preview: I'm not saying they should tank, but....

It's almost time to tip-off another season of Atlanta Hawks basketball, and I am very concerned about this team. I don't have any delusions that the Hawks could be a good team. At best, this is probably a 7th or 8th seed. However, making the playoffs would be the worst thing that could possibly happen to this team, but I kinda get the feeling that the powers that be are going to try to do just that.
I'm not saying they should tank, I'm just saying they should play well enough to miss the playoffs. Anyone concerned with the well being of this team going forward, should aspire to be in the lottery. At the end of this season, anything more than the lottery, and less than a championship is a failure.
Over on, Larry presents a very good post about how you need a HOFer to win a championship, among other things. The Hawks don't have a HOFer on their roster. Hell, they barely have an All-Star. Considering players don't want to come to Atlanta (something that truly baffles me) that's likely not going to change unless the Hawks happen to draft a future HOFer. I'd love to think they could make a trade for a great player who's still in his prime, but I think we all know that's not going to happen. Just think about it. When perennial All-Stars start demanding trades to a handful of destinations, Atlanta is never on any of their lists. We're just not going find ourselves on the receiving end of a trade or free agency signing that's going to turn our team into an instant championship contender. I've accepted that, and you should too.
Their best bet is to put themselves in position to have a great player fall into their laps. They're going to have to get into the lottery. There's no guarantee that they're going to get a number one pick, but at this point, they at least have to try. This is actually a really good time for them to start building through the lottery for the next few years. LeBron is in his prime, and unless he decides to take a few years off to take care of a gambling problem realize his dream as a NFL player, it's probably going to be awhile before anyone else comes out of the Eastern Conference. A couple of teams will put up a good fight, push the Heat to 6 games here and there, but if LeBron is healthy, the Heat should own the East for a few more years. So, now is as good of a time as any to play well enough to miss the playoffs.
I know from a business perspective, it's not the best idea to have a shitty team, but I'm not financially invested in the Hawks so I don't really give a damn about what kind of losses they may or may not incur.  I'm just a fan, and I want to root for a team that has a legitimate chance to win a championship at some point in my lifetime. Sometimes you have to take a few steps backward before you can start to move forward. That's the position the Atlanta Hawks organization is in at the moment. They can continue to trot out mediocre teams who aren't a threat to win a damn thing, or they can put themselves in position to draft the guy who can turn the team into a legitimate contender. You know which choice I'm in favor of. What say you?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No One Wants to Watch the Hawks, and I Don't Blame Them

Atlanta Hawks basketball games are not aesthetically pleasing most nights. This little fact is nothing to get all worked up about. There are a lot of Hawks fans who are genuinely upset about the numerous ways the masses have decided they don't care about the Hawks/Pacers series. I'm going to let you all in on a little secret.....  I don't like watching Hawks games either. I can't think of anything I voluntarily do that frustrates me more. There's nothing cool about being a Hawks fan.  Nothing. My Grandmother calls me during every Hawks game to taunt me. I'm not kidding. She's 72 years old, and she goes out of her way to remind me that they aren't very good. Here's a typical conversation EVERY time the Hawks play.

Granny: Hey Landy, what are you doing?
Me: Nothing. What are you doing?
Granny: Watching your Hawks. You know they're gonna get their butt's beat.
Me: Nah, we could win this game. (then I spout off about 3 different scenarios that could lead to victory, depending on who they're playing)
Granny: You know them other boys come ready tonight. Y'all ain't trying to do nothing. 
Me: Leave my boys alone, we got this.

 If they actually win, she calls me back and expresses complete and utter shock that they were able to pull it off. If they lose, she doesn't even bother to call back, because hell, I guess I should have expected it
Bottom line, if I weren't a Hawks fan, I wouldn't watch their games either. 

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hawks-Pacers Prediction

Hawks in 6.  I haven't blogged about the team this year, due to circumstances completely within my control.....I had other things to do.  And honestly, I just didn't have anything new to say about the team.  There was a lot of turnover, but the inconsistency that plagued this team was still strong.  They're a stubborn bunch. They've been unable to commit to being really good or really bad. They're just somewhere in between, as usual. Unlike the wonderful guys over at Peachtreehoops, I have to be motivated to write about this team. I wasn't, so I didn't. Anyway, the only team in the East I would have picked over the Hawks in the first round is the Heat. They aren't playing the Heat, so........

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