Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, Vick's haircut

WE ARE ALL WITNESSES!!! Damn Lebron just KILLED Detroit and probably won the series! I swear I didn't think he would keep hitting those ridiculous step back jumpers like he did in game 3, but I was wrong!!!! I could wax poetic about Lebron for paragraphs, but I'll leave that to everyone else. I'm going to try to keep this a little short. His line was 48 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists in double overtime. He scored 29 of the last 30 points for Cleveland and Detroit did absolutely nothing to stop him! Damn Lebron grew up! He did what we all asked him to do after game 1. I'm still convinced that the Spurs are going to beat the hell out of them if they make it to the Finals. Mike Brown is barely out coaching Flip Saunders can you imagine what Pop is going to do to him??? And to be honest, he's not really out coaching him, it's just that the Pistons haven't been able to capitalize off Cleveland's mistakes. Poor Detroit. They are so offensively challenged it is not even funny. I just don't think they can beat Cleveland 2 times in a row. They barely beat them the first 2 times and I think Cleveland smells blood now. Lebron has been unstoppable in the 4th quarter the last 3 games and I have to assume he's not going to stop in Game 6. Detroit never took the ball out of his hands. I'm not even a coach and I could see that their approach was flawed! You can't let the best player on the floor beat you, you just can't. If one of those other inconsistent guys beats you, live with it. But, you cannot just let Lebron run amok on you possession after possession. I was watching and I just could not believe Detroit did not take the ball out of his hands or double him or hell pinch him or something. He's not the best free throw shooter in the world, they probably would have come off better putting his ass on the line! He probably would have missed at least 1 several times. I said this last year and I'll say it again. Flip is not a playoff coach! He can get you 50+ wins in the regular season, but in the post season when its time for adjustments to be made, he SUCKS!! Unless Detroit goes back to everything Larry Brown taught them, it's a wrap! I really think Lebron demoralized them tonight! They can't even blame the refs for this one cause he didn't even shoot an abundance of free throws. All in all, Lebron was fantastic and it looks like he's destined to go get smacked around by San Antone this year.
Steve Kerr will be named GM and President of the Phoenix Suns. I think Steve is pretty good at the commentary thing, let's see how he does making personnel decisions. I'm kinda wondering why they are taking that responsibility away from D'Antoni. The last few years the Suns have been pretty damn good. It's not like he's Billy Knight.
Billy Donovan will coach the Orlando Magic. College to Pro coaches normally don't do great, but we'll see.
The prosecutors in the Vick case say there's enough evidence to indict him, but there might not be enough to convict him. ZZZZZZZZZZ! Wake me when this case has seriously developed. Oh, Mike cut off his hair, said he was looking for a fresh start. Um, looks like someone is tryna clean up his image to me. I don't agree with the perception that cornrows make you look thuggish and whatnot, but I totally understand why he did it. He needs to look as crisp and nonthreatening as possible to his judge and jury if it comes to that.

Spurs advance, A-Rod, Kobe wants to stay and go

The Western Conference Finals are over! The Spurs beat the hell out of the Jazz. The Spurs were like the Jazz's big brother. They let them win game 3 so they'd build confidence for the future. The Jazz never really found a way to slow down the big 3. Oh well, no one expected them to make it this far so their year has to be considered a HUGE success!
The Yankees finally won a damn game. Ugh.
The New York Post put A-Rod on blast on the front page calling him Stray-Rod. It was picture of him and some chick that wasn't his wife. This is wrong on so many levels. That could have been an innocent encounter and they could possibly break up his family. Since when is it the New York Post's job to report an athletes infidelities?? Isn't that what we have People and Us Weekly for?? And you all wonder why someone like Barry Bonds treats the media like scum. Sometimes they are. If you let them in once, they feel like they are entitled to know everything about you. If he's doing dirt on his wife, this is a cruel way for her to have to find out about it. I bet the Post never took that into consideration.
Kobe wants to be traded and he wants to stay a Laker for the rest of his life. No seriously, that's not a mistype. (not sure if that's a word) He told Stephen A Smith early Wednesday morning that he wanted to be traded and there was nothing the Lakers could do to change his mind. Later on that afternoon he told Dan Patrick he wanted to stay a Laker for the rest of his life. Apparently he had an emotional conversation with Phil in between shows. I don't know how he'll feel about this tomorrow, but I really can't see the Lakers trading him. There's nothing they can get back for him that will appease the Lakers fans. Don't even mention names like Wade or Lebron. It ain't happening. I'm talking about people who can actually be traded. Their organizations aren't going to do so. Anyway, if the Lakers are willing to trade him I hope they consider my Atlanta Hawks. We have tons of young talent and 2 top 20 draft picks in a supposedly loaded draft. Kobe has a full no trade clause but I really think he'd approve any deal to a team in the East with a decent market. Atlanta is starving for someone to replace Nique and fans in this city love Kobe. He has the home court advantage every time he plays at Philips Arena. Anyway, back to my point about him waving his no trade clause. I think he's looking at what Lebron is doing in the East and he sees that it doesn't take much to be a contender on the right coast. I'm not saying Lebron's teammates are scrubs, I'm just saying they are about the most inconsistent bunch you will find in the league. The only sure thing is Lebron, and he has them 2 wins away from getting smacked around by the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals. Kobe wants to play for a contender, and in the East his presence alone would damn near turn any team into a contender. That's just the truth people, the conference is kinda weak. Anyway, He's calmed down for now, but if they aren't at least out of the first round by 2009 he can walk anyway and go anywhere he wants too. One of Kobe's biggest problems I believe is the fact that he's won championships so of course all he wants to do is win another one. Most guys just want the chance to win one. While the Lakers could make a couple of moves here and there to give him a chance, they might not be able to do much more than that. Will getting to the 2nd round consistently please Kobe?? Probably not. I would say you can't build a championship team over night, but the Miami Heat did it. They pulled off this massive trade and they had the Superstar they needed and they got the Larry O'Brien. Is Mitch Kup smart enough to make something like that happen. I doubt it, but now he's under real pressure to do something big. He didn't have that pressure before. We'll see what happens this summer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Last night; Pistons/Cavs

About last night; The Lebrons evened up the series with the Pistons. Lebron finally gets it! He was great last night, except for the 3rd quarter, but then again that has been a problem for them all series. Anyway, he hit big shots and he took over in the 4th when they needed it. He was the best player on the floor and that's what he has to be if they want to win this series. Daniel Gibson was fantastic as well. It seems like they play better without Larry Hughes. Anyway, the Piston's are in trouble! I know that their team is based on no one in particular, but they need a scorer in the worst way. All of their guys are capable of scoring, but they need someone who can do it consistently. I guess I should say they need a shooter. They have no guaranteed offense on their team. When they need a bucket sometimes they just can't get one. Anyway, it's a best of 3 series now and the only comfort the Pistons have is that they don't have to win in Cleveland. All they have to do is take care of the Palace.
The Yankees lost again. Ugh. They might lose 90 games this season. Nothing is right in the world! Up is down, in is out. What am I talking about?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The other A-Rod, Piston's/Cavs

Andy Roddick just got ousted at the French Open in the first round. He sucks.
I might as well make my prediction about tonight's game. I think the Piston's will take a 3-1 series lead and this series will end in 5. On the other hand, the league would love nothing more than for Lebron to go get his ass tapped by Timmy in the Finals. Just from a ratings standpoint, the league would rather have Cleveland advance. Will it happen? I don't think so, but the way the Piston's offense has been playing, I wouldn't be completely shocked if they lose this series.
Pistons tonight.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Spurs/Jazz, Officiating, ESPN "analysts", TNT Crew, Marquise Hill

So the Spurs have taken a 3-1 lead over the Jazz. It's not looking good for Utah right now. Um, the officiating in the 4th qtr was a bit one sided to say the least. Steve Javie was throwing out technicals against the Jazz like he had something to gain by doing so. The 2 techs he gave Derek Fisher were absolutely ridiculous. I've thought San Antone would win this series because they are the better team, but the officiating tonight kinda ruined this game. The Spurs shot 25 free throws in the 4th qtr alone. That should never happen but it usually does this time of year. Not that they weren't genuine fouls, but I'm just saying they could have called a foul or two more for Utah as well. They shot 2 free throws in the fourth qtr. The thing that I hated most about the game was that Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy kept acting like the Jazz players were just losing their cool. If you weren't watching this game but you heard the commentary you would have thought the Jazz went all Golden State on the officials when it was nothing like that. I don't feel like any of the 4 technicals Sloan and Fisher got were at all warranted. Stern has to do something about officials that have clearly lost their patience. It's just like an old teacher that used to love kids, but now she's ornery and she hates them. Just retire. When the love is gone, it's gone. I hope Utah wins in San Antone and at least get to a game 6. These playoffs need this series to go more than 5 games. We just need it.
Tim Legler is an idiot.
Watching the "analyst" on ESPN tonight (and every other night) really puts into perspective why I like the TNT crew so much better. Even though Charles didn't win a ring, he is a Hall of Famer and I just respect what he says more than say a guy like Tim Legler who averaged like 7 points a game. Now all of a sudden we are supposed to take his analysis of the most elite players and treat it as relevant. Puhleeze! At least with Charles you have one of the best players the league has ever seen and with Kenny, he is a champion and he played a role on the championship teams he was on. Even though I can only understand Magic half of the time, he's Magic Johnson and he makes great points once you decipher what the hell he's saying. Reggie is a horrible horrible commentator, but even he's better than anything ESPN has to offer. And, EJ is just the best. ESPN doesn't have anyone close to Ernie Johnson. Dan Patrick could only dream of being half the host EJ is. Anyway, the ESPN crew sucks and I just felt like saying it again.
The Yankees lost. Sigh! I had all these big plans to go up to New York in August and catch a game before they move into the new stadium. I actually thought it might be hard to get tickets to a Yankees game in August, but with the way the season's going I should get them at an extremely reasonable rate. I'm just sayin.
Barry says he doesn't know if he's going to give the Hall of Fame any of his memorabilia. I don't blame him. Hell, he might not have to worry about it for a while because these voters hate him and they won't look at his career as a player. They are going to focus more on the fact that he wouldn't kiss their ass. We all know he's a first ballot HOFer though.
In some of the saddest news, a player for the New England Patriots Marquise Hill drowned after a jet skiing accident. Apparently he didn't have on a life jacket. Not saying that would have definitely saved him, but it might have helped. He was young and he just made a bad decision when deciding not to wear one. It happens.

Pistons/Cavs, Swept, Homerun Finally

The Lebrons won 88-82. He finally had a breakout game last night. it means absolutely nothing if they lose the next game! He did hit essentially the game winning shot.
The Yankees got swept in the Bronx. 12.5 games behind the Sox. Clemens picked the wrong team to pitch for.
Barry finally hit another homerun. He's now 9 behind Aaron.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yuckees, MMA, Jazz/Spurs

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, we lost again. We are about to get swept in the Bronx. Not a good look at all!
Um, Barry is in a slump.
So I don't watch MMA or what's commonly referred to as Ultimate Fighting, but Chuck Lidell who is supposed to be That Dude got That ASS whipped tonight. I just thought it was funny considering he was on EVERY show that would have him talking cat shit. I don't even know what that phrase means, but I've heard it said.
The Spurs got that ass tapped by the Jazz tonight. Nothing like a little home cooking. All they have to do is continue to get Tim Duncan in foul trouble and they'll be straight!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Yankees lose, Spurs/Jazz, Ken Griffey Jr.

Well, there isn't a whole lot going on other than baseball and as I've said before it's way too early for me to discuss anyone other than my favorite team. Speaking of the Yankees, they lost again tonight! Um, I'm starting to be totally convinced that we will not make the playoffs this season. If that happens it will hurt. Badly.
Rashard Lewis opted out of his contract today. That wasn't totally unexpected. I'm sure there are a few teams that could use an athletic swingman. He should do fine.
The Spurs/Jazz series starts back up tomorrow and I hope for the sake of the playoffs Utah wins! I don't want the Spurs to sweep this series or even win it in 5. I'd like to see it at least go six games.
Ken Griffey Jr. is now 8th all time on the homerun list. He was the best player for a long time in the 90's, the poor thing just couldn't stay healthy. He still has the prettiest swing in the game though. Hopefully he'll still be upright when they come visit the Braves this summer. I won't buy the tickets until the last minute, because with his history............

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pistons/Cavs,Carl Pavano, Grieving Father, Point Guards

Piston's lead 2-0. In the grand scheme of things all they did was protect home court, but the Cavs blew several chances to win both games. That doesn't necessarily bode well for them going back to Cleveland. I can't see this series going more than 5 unless the Piston's get bored. Mike Brown has Mike D Antoni syndrome, you know running around kicking and screaming like a damn fool on the sideline. You gotta calm down sir. Cleveland had a 12 point lead at the half, Lebron had 14 points, he was aggressive and so on... Then the 3rd quarter rolled around and they stopped doing everything they did in the first half and that's basically why they lost. To put it in simpler terms, they scored 50 in the first half and 26 in the 2nd half. That's not going to get it done! Ugh.
I failed to mention yesterday that Carl Pavano is about to have season and likely Yankee career ending Tommy John surgery. I know it's wrong to speak ill of the dead (Carl Pavano is dead to me) but that son of a bitch stole MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!! He only started 19 games. 19 games and he got $40 some odd million bucks. We basically paid him 2 million per start! That sorry SOB! He only won 5 games for us and he gave up one less homerun than the number of games he pitched so it's safe to say he wasn't that great! His era was over 4 damn near 5! The NFL is on to something with these non guaranteed contracts. I totally see why they've decided to go that route! I'm disgusted with him. I'm especially disgusted with Brian Cashman for not putting some language into the contract to protect the team. If he does come back from Tommy John surgery he should have to come pitch for us for free!
John Smoltz became the first pitcher with 200 wins and 150 saves. He's pretty good I'd say.
On a sad note, the father of the pitcher who died in St, Louis about a month ago is suing the restaurant his son was at for continuing to give him alcohol when he was clearly intoxicated. All I know is that Josh was a grown ass man and he has to know when to stop. Unless he was being rude and disorderly in the restaurant who are they to say you've had enough. It's up to you to determine your tolerance for alcohol not some waiter making $2 an hour + tips. They aren't giving out breathalyzers at restaurants and bottom line is, they are trying to make money and you buying $7 drinks is making them money. I know his father is grieving, but suing the restaurant is not the way to go about healing. Other than the fact that Josh was drunk he was also talking on a cell phone, speeding, he had drugs in his car and he wasn't wearing a seat belt. To say his accident was filled with sketchiness is an understatement. Hopefully he'll come to realize this in the near future.

Oh, one more thing; All of these so called basketball experts are saying the hawks need to trade the picks or package them and get a veteran point guard. Well here's a news flash, Ty Lue, Anthony Johnson, and Speedy Claxton are the veteran point guards the Hawks already have. Do we really need to go that route again?? Who's to say Conley won't develop at the rate of a Chris Paul or Deron Williams? It is unlikely because point guards of that caliber don't come around very often, but if it ain't Jason Kidd or Chauncey Billups or Chris or Deron, I'll take my chances with a rookie and his development.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Team USA, 2 of 3, Keyshawn retires, BK ugh

Well, there were no playoff games tonight for whatever reason. Damn you NBA and your scheduling. Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Tayshaun Prince and Jason Kidd just to name a few will join Team USA at least for the summer while they try to qualify for the 2008 Olympics. They should be enough to get it done. I still believe they should build the team around players who weren't quite good enough to make it in the NBA but they are good players. They could be our national team and we'd probably fair better.
The Yankees jumped all ove Curt Shilling tonight taking 2 out of 3 from the Sux. Gotta start somewhere. Andy Pettite looked like the Andy of old. Gotta love it when he pitches like that.
Keyshawn Johnson has decided to retire and accept a job with ESPN as an analyst. I guess he'll take the place of Michael Irvin. I hope he doesn't get on television and scream like the Playmaker and I hope he's a better dresser. He can't possibly be any worse. Key has a face for tv so if he brings a little bit of knowledge he should be fine. It's not like ESPN has the best analysts in the world anyway. He's an upgrade from at least 3 that I can think of off the top of my head and he hasn't analyzed anything more than the draft.
The Commish had some harsh words for Clinton Portis and his defense of Mike Vick and his alleged dog fighting. Goodell is everywhere lately!
Billy Knight met with the media today and that SOB said he didn't even watch the draft lottery last night. This just proves he doesn't care enough about what goes on with the franchise.! He should be fired for those comments alone! Not that he hasn't been incompetent enough to have been fired already, but obviously its going to take something more. Before that he had the nerve to say he wasn't sure how the players would fall. Bullshit! The Oden/ Durant draft is over, so basically we have the first pick in the draft. He has his choice, which history tells us is not a good thing! He's so smug. I have a strong dislike for him. I'll admit it!
Duke University is seeking an extra year of eligibility for the LAX players whose season was cancelled because of the rape allegations. I don't think the NCAA owes them a damn thing. They didn't cancel the season, that was the University's decision. They should have waited until more facts were available before they just assumed the boys were guilty anyway. Do you think the Lakers would have forfeited all of their games because of Kobe's rape charges?? Uh no. Of course that is way more extreme, but you get my point.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Utah/Spurs, Julian Tavarez, Mike Vick

Utah has a problem. They have no answer for the second quarter. Their play has been horrendous in the 2nd quarter of both games and they've not been able to recover because of it. They still let the big 3 have good games. This is still a recipe for disaster. Boozer and Williams came to play, but Memo had another off night and AK47 was nothing to write home about. They play better at home and they better hope that holds true or this series will be over in 4.
How in the hell does our offense let Julian Tavarez shut it down??? Come on Yanks! This was the game we had the best chance of winning and what do we have to show for it?? Not a damn thing that's what. Sigh.
So the Falcon's had this event at the Fabulous Fox Theatre last night and a reporter caught up with Mike Vick and asked him a series of questions that he was more than willing to answer. Then the guy asked Mike if he thought he'd be exonerated and Mike said no comment. I'm willing to bet good money he didn't know what exonerated meant! I'm telling you I've never been so sure about anything in my life! If you are going to say no comment, that normally comes at the beginning and you hold onto it til the end. Not 7, he waited til he was asked in a fancy way if he'll be cleared of all charges then he said no comment. Hilarious.

NBA Draft Lottery

Alright, it's almost time for the draft lottery to begin. This is a big day for Hawks fans. As you all know, we could end up with 1, 2 or no picks this year. I'm really hoping for the #2 pick. That would give us either Oden or Durant, but it won't be up to Billy Knight to decide which one he'd rather have. I don't think even Billy could screw that one up this year. Am I giving him way too much credit?? Probably, either way, I'd feel way more comfortable with #2 then #1 or 3. He certainly can't be trusted with #3. If we fall to 4 Phoenix gets our pick and we only get Indiana's pick if it's 11 or lower. I strongly believe if the Commish could have his way, the Celtics would get the #1 pick. There are certain teams that the league just can't afford to have in the basement for long periods of time. Boston is one of these teams. It just doesn't look good for a franchise that storied to be irrelevant. They are interviewing the Commish about the suspensions. Let's get over it please! Brandon Roy looks smashing right now! Nique doesn't look half bad himself. Here we go
#11-Indiana/Atlanta Yay!

Wow, at least we get to keep our pick, but #3!!! Damn why not #2??? Why? Why? Why? Well, we damn well better address our point guard situation. Meanwhile Boston and Memphis have got to be devastated! Portland could be a beast after the summer is over! I still can't believe we got #3. We have got to take Conley Jr. or maybe even Acie Law. We can't count on them to be there at 11. Billy cannot ignore the point guard position anymore. It's do or die time! I have a feeling he's going to take that Chinese kid Yi at #3. No matter who he picks we'll know about it weeks before the draft! We knew they were taking Shelden all along. That was the worst kept secret ever!!!! It might have also been our worst pick ever all things considered! Nah, that was probably Marvin Williams over Deron William and Chris Paul. Anyway, we need a point guard. We have a team full of somewhat athletic guys who can finish, now we need someone to get them the damn ball. Billy, you can't screw this one up!

Monday, May 21, 2007

ECF, Draft Lottery, Portis

Well, game one is in the books in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pistons won 79-76 and it was as ugly as the score would lead you to believe. Lebron was a non factor, he didn't even get to the free throw line all night. He looked totally uninspired throughout most of the game. Lebron needs to grow up. If he is supposed to be the best player and the next coming of whomever, then he should act like it. Most people tend to think he is the only Superstar left in the playoffs, you don't think the league feels this way as well?? They'll give him the same calls they've been giving him up until this point, but he has to give them a little bit of a reason too. 3 shots in the fourth quarter will not get it done young man.
The Yankees took game one from the Red Sox tonight. Wang was very good. We need at least one more out of this series.
Apparently Rick Adelman will be the next coach of the Rockets. It sounds good to say they need to speed up the tempo, but can Yao keep up in that type of system?? Time will tell.
Well, its dooms day Hawks fans. The draft lottery is tomorrow and we could end up with 1, 2 or no picks. If I know our luck, we'll probably end up with none! Either way, this is it. If we don't get # 1 or 2 but we end up with Indiana's pick we damn well better address the point guard situation! Look at all the teams left in the playoffs (cept Cleveland) they have great point guard play. Utah has our point guard as far as I'm concerned.
Clinton Portis thinks everyone should just mind their business and not worry about whether Vick is into dog fighting. Sounds like someone who's been to one or two dogfights if you ask me. I'm just saying.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

No sweep, Spurs/Jazz, Federer/Nadal

Whew! At least we didn't get swept by the Mets! That would have been horrible! We won 6-2 and one of those 2 runs came courtesy of Rivera giving up a homerun. This has to stop! I don't know what he needs to do, but he better figure it out. Some rookie named Tyler Clippard got the win for us. It's right back to work against the damn Red Sux tomorrow. We badly need 2 out of 3, gotta start somewhere.
Apparently the Yankees are looking into the possibility of voiding Jason Giambi's contract for the steroid stuff..............
The Spurs beat the Jazz today. I expected them to win this game so there's no surprise there. Utah might want to think about not letting Timmy, Tony, and Gino get off. I mean you can probably overcome 2 out of 3 of them having good games, but you can't let all 3 of them drop over 20 on you. That's a recipe for disaster. If they keep that up, this series will be over real fast. It might help if a starter other than Deron Williams decides to join in on all the Conference Final fun next game as well.
Roger Federer ended Rafael Nadal's clay court win streak. If anyone was going to do it, it had to be Federer. He's the best right now.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Suns finally done, nap time is over, Inter league

The Suns lost and I'm probably alone in this, but I'm glad this series is over! I'm soooo sick of all the bitching and whining that has gone on since game one of this series! The poor little Phoenix Suns were subject to defense and rules, oh the injustice! How dare they not clear a path to the basket for Steve Nash so he could get uncontested layups and wide open jumpers. The nerve of Bruce Bowen to hound him and not let him run freely and get into a comfort zone. Give me a break people. Yes they lost one game where they were shorthanded, but they also lost 3 others at full strength. I personally think San Antone would have won this series regardless of the suspensions, but if it makes you all feel better to play the "we'll never know" card then go right ahead. Somewhere over the past couple of weeks the Suns became a team that never fouled and never did underhanded things that went largely unnoticed by the refs and analysts. If you guys want to believe that, go right ahead. Either way, I'm glad it's over! They'll have all summer to get over it.
The Lebron's finally finished off the Nets. Glad that series is over, but for totally different reasons.
Inter league play has begun. The New York teams faced off, the Yanks lost. Sux got rained out. Yankees are now 10 games behind the Sux in the division. Is it still too early to worry?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Detroit moves on, Yanks, Poor Vick, Sweet Lou

Finally we have an Eastern Conference finalist! Detroit took care of the baby Bulls tonight. The thought of a game 7 obviously woke them up and helped them get a win. That and the fact that PJ Brown scored 20 first half points and Scott Skiles only played him 8 minutes in the second half. When PJ Brown is your leading scorer at the half you are already in trouble. Either way, the Pistons move on and the Bulls go fishin'. I expect Detroit to advance to the Finals no matter who comes out of that nap time series.
The Yanks lost, Sux won twice. Has anyone seen A-Rod since April? I haven't.
Jason Giambi apologized for taking steroids. When it rains it pours on our organization! Was there even a reason to bring this up?
So apparently some lady sent a 12 page letter to all of the local Atlanta radio stations and the NFL Commish's office (just to name a few) letting them know how much she dislikes the way they are treating Vick. Seriously you couldn't find a better cause to send certified letters on other than a QB who brings trouble on himself. Bless her heart, and we wonder why our country is in the state it is. People spend an exorbitant amount of time worrying about things that don't really matter. Who the hell cares what talk radio hosts have to say about Vick? Hell, he might be involved in some criminal activity. What the hell are they supposed to say about him? You can't not talk about it especially if you are in Atlanta. He's the franchise qb for crying out loud. I've not said much about ol Michael because (a) I don't really care about him one way or the other (b) There isn't enough information out for me to form a strong opinion. When all of the facts come out, then I'll have something to say. The only thing I can definitively say is he's been known to make a bad decision or two and he's been in the news way too much for all the wrong reasons.
Lou Piniella is having a hard time dealing with the Cubs and their losing ways. He's obviously not been watching baseball for the past 90+ years. Okay he's not that old, but he only has to go back a few years to know this wasn't going to be a cakewalk. At least their fans show up, even though half of them aren't watching the game.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spurs win, Lebron's lost

So the Suns lost! I'm sure they missed Amare, but it didn't really show until they lost the game. They had it in control up until the 4th qtr. Shawn Marion was hot in the first half, but the Spurs shut him down in the second half, and or the Suns completely ignored him. Either way they have to win in San Antone to get it back to Phoenix. Good luck with that. Although I don't think it's as daunting a task as it seems, I don't necessarily see it happening. They put up a good fight and they legitimately had a chance to win. What more can you ask for? Why in the hell won't D'Antoni let Jalen Rose off the bench? Surely he can do more than appear on ESPN analyzing the playoffs. It's not like Barbosa was giving them a hell of a lot tonight. Anyway, there's a big part of me that came to dislike the Suns over this series. It really came to the surface over the past couple of days since the whole suspension fiasco. Every damn talking head was bitching about the injustice that was taking place and etc. The Commish went on the Dan Patrick show and gave him the business about it. As I said before, I think its a good rule. Aside from whether you think the rule is good or bad, it was in place therefore it had to be enforced. Amare came around earlier in the day. He said he understood why they had to suspend him. He even admitted that he was headed toward the altercation in an aggressive manner. There are a number of reasons the Suns have been getting on my nerves and this just enhanced them, but whatever.
The Lebron's attempt to close the Nets out failed. So on this series drags........ I really hope the Nets pull the comeback.
They Yankees split a pair of games with the White Sox today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Most entertaining series has ended, Bulls still alive, Suspensions

The fairy tale is over! The Utah Jazz finished off the Warriors. It was one hell of a series and in the end defense and rebounding won the game... sorta. There wasn't one game that the Warriors had more turnovers than the Jazz, but for whatever reason it didn't hurt the Jazz in this series. Strange, but really they had no answer for Boozer. I said he'd be a problem in the beginning and he certainly was. Derek Fisher also flexed his championship muscle tonight. This is a moot point, but the officiating in this game was offensive. That being said, I'm totally unabashedly rooting for the Jazz in the WCF. The thing I'm most sad about is the fact that I will no longer get to see Matt Barnes. I totally have a crush on him.
The Pistons are looking EXTREMELY vulnerable right now. Those pesky little Bulls will not go away! As Charles said, "you got to kill em cause they ain't gone die". The Pistons betnot let this thing go 7.
Now, the suspensions came down today and Amare and Diaw will be watching the next game from home and Horry will be watching the next 2. It sucks that both teams won't be at full strength, but rules are rules and although I may be alone in this assessment I think the rule should stand as is. You cannot know when a guy is running over as a peacemaker or an instigator and the only way to avoid it is to stop it before it starts. For the record, if you saw the look in Amare's eyes there is no way in hell that he was going to be a peacemaker. He wasn't even going towards Nash, he was going towards the altercation. Either Way, he won't be at the next game. I guess we get to see if Nash is as good as advertised or if he is as good as the people around him. He does still have an All-Star to work with in Shawn Marion. I think the Suns will win game 5 in spite of all this then the Spurs will win at home then it all comes down to game 7. The officiating they'll get should more than make up for Amare's absence.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Big shot Bob, Suspensions likely, Nets almost done

This Spurs/Suns series is so serious! I don't even know where to start. The Suns came back from 10 down in the fourth to win it, but this win might cost them the series. To make a long story short, Robert Horry knocked Steve Nash into the scorers table and everyone on the Suns team took exception to it. Horry was ejected and Bell was given a tech. Amare and Diaw left the bench to go protect Stevie, this is a no no in the league's eyes. You cannot leave the bench when an altercation breaks out. I hate to say it, but they have to suspend Amare for the next game. The precedent has been set and there's no way they can justify not suspending him because they have been doing this for years. Ask the Knicks what happened earlier this season. Amare and Mike contend he was just going to check in, but the league would have to REALLY not want to suspend him if they believe that ish! It sucks that the series could change so dramatically because of something like this. The Suns really showed me something tonight though. I thought the Spurs had them shook. Oh well, we'll see what the Commish does tomorrow.
Oh, the Nets lost to the Cavs tonight. Vince had a chance to tie the game but he turned the ball over with 1 second left. That is probably the worst turnover of his career. It would be a big story, but the Spurs/Suns drama is totally going to overshadow that! Better luck in Orlando next year Vince. Jason Kidd will take his trip dubs to L.A. and R J will become the franchise player for the Brooklyn Nets. They do have at least one more game together, they'd better enjoy it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fairy tale ending, Deron Williams, Favre

Uh oh, Golden State lost at home! Is the fairy tale coming to an end?? I know no one expected them to be hoisting the Larry O'Brien at the end of it, but the conference finals would have been nice. Oh well, the Jazz have taken a 3-1 series lead and unless someone kidnaps Carlos Boozer, I don't see them losing this series. He has been the best post player in the post season and it's not even close! I look forward to seeing him and Tim Duncan battle it out in the next round! Yes, I'm giving the series to the Spurs and the Jazz. One more thing about the Jazz, I hate watching Deron Williams play! As a Hawks fan it KILLS me to watch what he's doing. I'm happy he's in a place where he can be successful, but man I wish that place was here in Atlanta. Sigh.
The Bulls staved off elimination for at least one more game. I knew they wouldn't get swept, but I think the series will end next game.
So apparently Brett Favre was pissed that the Packers didn't acquire Randy Moss and he requested a trade. This is the best thing that could have happened to the Packers organization. Now they can trade him and not feel bad about it! Last year the fans would have been outraged, but since he asked for it, they'll have to take it. Will the organization have the sack to do it?? I'd have to say no!
Yanks lost 2-1. Just when the pitching gets half way decent, the hitting goes south. Sigh.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spurs/Suns, Trip Dub

I'll keep this short and sweet.
The Spurs took a 2-1 series lead over the Suns. The game was actually very physical, something you don't normally associate with the Suns. Steve Nash was horrible, he couldn't make a shot if he were inside the basket tonight. Tim Duncan was Tim Duncan. He had 30+points and 19 rebounds. He's good. Amare was in foul trouble most of the game, he still managed to get 21 points though. Ginobili got hit in the eye and it looked like someone whipped his ass. No foul was called on that particular play and I think it woke him up a little. He had 24 points. If the Spurs win Monday, I can't see this series going more than 5 games. By that time they might have Phoenix's heart.
The Nets kinda climbed back into the series against the Lebrons. Jason Kidd had a triple double again. He's moved into second all time for trip dubs in the playoffs behind Magic. He won't catch him in case you're wondering. Vince and RJ each had 23 to go along with Kidd's 23. Vince left the game momentarily and the way his arm was dangling, I thought we'd seen the last of him. He apparently has a sprained finger, but he did come back into the game. Vince is getting a little tougher I see. Back in the day he wouldn't have chanced it, but you have to assume with that opt out clause he has to show whatever team is going to offer him a King's ransom this summer that he's a gamer.
The Yanks won, Sux did also.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Warriors blowout, Halladay, Ricky's high

Game 3 is in the books and the Warriors are back in the series. It was a very entertaining game in spite of the fact that Golden State led by as much as 30. They were shooting and hitting 3's at an alarming rate early on. They hit 11 in the first half alone. The game was basically over by halftime. All of the Jazz's guards were in foul trouble so that put the decision making in AK47's hands. He might be able to handle it for a few minutes, but Jerry let him have it for too long. No way the Warriors were losing this game anyway. Dee Brown was at the game, he was on the bench looking quite spiffy in his dress suit. Good to see he's okay even though he wasn't able to play. Baron Davis was a beast tonight! He had trick shot after trick shot and to top it all off, he dunked on AK47 so filthy! I strongly suggest you look this one up on Youtube. Tomorrow we'll be treated to the Nets/Cavs series. (yawn) That will be a good time for me to take a nap before the Spurs/Suns game comes on.
The best thing about the Warriors/Jazz game was that there was no Bill Walton! I just knew ESPN would let him call the game, but instead they had Mike Tirico and Hubie Brown. Eh.
And as far as their NBA shows, they have got to get rid of Jamal Mashburn! He's absolutely horrible! I'm serious, he's not made for tv in any way shape or form!He looks sleepy and when he talks I get sleepy! I digress.
In other news, Roy Halladay had to have an emergency appendectomy. That sucks because he was pitching very well as he usually does. He will be out 4-6 weeks.
Yanks lost 3-0, It was the offense that did em in this time.
I hate everyone on Baseball Tonight! Will someone please give Harold Reynolds another job? I miss him!
Pacman met with the Commish today. Will he be reinstated?? We shall see.
Apparently Ricky Williams failed another drug test last month. He tested positive for his favorite (marijuana). He might as well just give up on the football thing because he obviously is not going to quit smoking weed.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get out the brooms, Amare whining, Dirk MVP, DUI passenger

The Pistons/Bulls series is over. Okay, the Pistons still have to win one more game, but trust me it's over. The Bulls had a 19 point lead and they lost . That's not unusual in the NBA, but their defense is supposed to prevent that kind of thing from happening! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
Amare is bitching about the Spurs being a dirty team. Way to go Amare, you probably just killed any chance ya'll had of winning this series. It's funny how tough he acts on the court, but now he wants to whine about Manu and Bruce being dirty. And as far as Manu, he's bringing up some regular season ish. He wants the Commish to look at it. These players would not have made it in the late 80's! I'm not trying to absolve Bruce Bowen because Lord knows, if I had a nickel for every time someone called him dirty, I'd be filthy rich! But, now is not the time to complain about it. It's the playoffs man!
Apparently Dirk will be named MVP on Tuesday. I hope they make him show up at the Warriors/Jazz series to get his trophy! The league would never do it, but one can dream! They'll probably let him get it on the East coast.
Doc Rivers got an extension, I hope the Celtics stay healthy so we can see what Doc is really made of. I hate his voice though.
The Yankees lost today 14-2. There's that pitching we're used too. is reporting that Mike Vick's friends say he knew about the dog fighting. Um, note to SI; those aren't his friends if they are ratting him out.
Lil E is leaving DEI. I don't know what his Stepmom is thinking, but I hope it works out for her.
Air McNair was charged with DUI because he was a passenger in the car with someone who was DUI. Although he wasn't driving he owns the car and in Tennessee you can't let a drunk person drive your car. I don't know how this will play out, but either way drunk driving is not a good look.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Neck injuries, Overtime, D Fisher, Lil E, PPV

This Utah/ Golden State series just keeps getting better! This series has everything you could ask for and an entertainment value that is through the roof. There were injuries, returns and an overtime. It doesn't get any better than that, although we could do without the injuries! Dee Brown had to leave the game because Okur and all 260lbs of him fell on the back of his neck. Not a good look at all. The most disappointing thing was how the training staff just scooped him up and made him walk! He looked like he was going to pass out because he probably was! Where is the Heat training staff with their wheelchair when you need them?? I'm no doctor, but I could have sworn it was a bad idea to move someone with an apparent neck injury. I hope Dee Brown is okay. That's the most important thing. Anyway, the Warriors are getting murdered on the boards, but yet and still they are always in the game at the end. They actually could have won this game if Mickael Pietrus had just hit one free throw to make it a four point game. Baron Davis missed one down the stretch as well. I'm sure they're kicking themselves, but I expect them to rebound when they get back to Oakland. I hope they do, I want this series to go 7! Derek Fisher made his return tonight and it couldn't have come at a better time considering Deron was in foul trouble and Dee Brown had to go to the hospital. He played great defense on Baron and he hit a 3 in overtime that was the dagger. He's been away dealing with his sick daughter. He said she's going to be okay. That's good to hear. I thought Stephen Jackson would play better this game. He did not. He had 18 points, but it wasn't a good 18 points if you know what I mean. You know, if you look at some of the statistics its mind boggling the way this series has gone. Utah turned the ball over at an alarming rate, but they won and they out rebounded the Warriors by 28 and G state still had a chance to win. This series is weird. The fact that Utah is beating Golden State at its own game is weird as well. This series is officially the Jazz's to lose! It's unfortunate that the next game will be on ESPN. No doubt we'll have to listen to Bill Walton. As if Reggie Miller isn't bad enough. I don't mind listening to Reggie because he's good for a laugh! The way he combines, misuses and just makes up words is priceless! But Bill Walton, I'm going to mute the television. I can't listen to him for 48 minutes. I know its not fair to TNT, but they should be contractually obligated to do every halftime and post game show even when the games aren't on TNT. They just work!
Curt Shilling apologized for some comments he made regarding Barry Bonds. He basically said some things that were not true and he caught a lot of heat for it. Um, Curt Shilling is such an attention whore.
The Yankees won, but the damn Red Sux keep winning too so we ain't making up any ground on them. This is not good.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is supposed to announce he's leaving the racing team his daddy built. What is the world coming to when little E is going to be racing for someone other than his name??
The Pretty Boy vs Golden Boy fight was the richest ever. It generated like $120 million dollars in homes. They owe a lot of people money because that was nothing more than an over-hyped sparring match. Had I paid for it, I'dve been pissed!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Nets/Cavs sleeper, Suns/Spurs/ Barry, 7+ innings

The Cavs beat the Nets tonight to take a 2-0 series lead. That series could not be any less interesting if it tried. Someone needs to make the Nets watch a fundamental tape on rebounding. They are an absolute joke on the boards right now. And if Vince doesn't stop shooting damn jump shots!.! Jason Kidd was their most accurate scorer tonight if that puts into perspective how bad they are playing right now. In the grand scheme of things, all the Cavs did was hold serve, so we'll see how the Nets respond in Jersey. The Suns are leading the Spurs by 15 right now and the way San Antone has played I have to assume they are going to hold on even though there are over 6 minutes left. Anyway, this was a must win for Phoenix because they absolutely could not go to San Antone down 2-0. For some reason or another, they don't play again until Saturday. This is why the playoffs take damn near two months to play out, because for some strange reason they put 3 and 4 days between some of the games. The NBA sucks sometime!
Barry hit another homerun. He's only 10 away from tying the record. I can't wait!
The Yankees won tonight and they actually got 7 innings out of a starter. That hasn't happened but a handful (if that) of times this year.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Warriors/Jazz, Pistons/Bulls, Spurs/Suns, Pacman

I hope the remainder of the Golden State/ Utah series is as entertaining as Game 1. It had everything you could ask for in a game. Blocked shots, dunks, 3's of course, and big shots down the stretch and in the end the Jazz pulled it off. They absolutely killed the Warriors on the boards. This will be a problem. They have no answer for Carlos Boozer and make no mistake the Mavs didn't have anything that even resembled Boozer on their team. This is a whole different ball game fellas! Utah ran with Golden State, but I don't know if they'll continue to do that for the whole series. It worked for them tonight, but I believe if they play half court and get the ball in Boozer's hands they'll win this series. Stephen Jackson was not particularly good tonight. He can't help but play better next game. Hopefully. Matt Barnes must be in a contract year. I'm not basing this on anything except his sudden relentlessness in the playoffs. Most guys don't get THIS inspired until there's a payday on the line. I'm just saying. Deron Williams was a MAN tonight! He had 31 points. All in all the game was very entertaining and that's what we need more than anything. I hope it goes the distance.
The Bulls got the hell beat out of em again by the Pistons. I know all the Pistons did was take care of home, but I really can't see Chicago winning more than one game at this point. They haven't really shown me anything to lead me to believe otherwise. Tyrus Thomas came in and at least gave the game a little excitement.
About yesterday, everyone in the media is sooo convinced that had Steve Nash been in the game Phoenix would have won. Um, that's a bit presumptuous but more than anything its bull sh*t. San Antone was not going to lose that game at that point. The inability to get rebounds at the end is what cost Phoenix the game. Plus, Amare had a terrible shooting game. They weren't going to win that one. The theme in the playoffs the past couple of years has been make Steve Nash a scorer and cut off his passing lanes. San Antone did that and they will more than likely continue to do that. I'm not saying Phoenix can't win this series, but they need Steve Nash to be the assist man more so than the point man.
Pacman is pleading for leniency. His case is simply there's no precedent for this type of punishment given the history of the league and some of its players. He has a point, but still the guy who gave the judgement is now supposed to say he was wrong.?. Probably not going to happen.
Oh, don't let me forget to mention Rivera giving up a game winning run in the top of the 9th. Sigh. He's supposed to be the ONE pitcher we can count on. What is the world coming to?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Great White Hope, Playoffs

Roger Clemens is going back to the Bronx! Finally we have our Great White Hope! He will be making 28 million prorated dollars for this four month stint. Hey, they've been paying Carl Pavano 10 mil a year since 2005 and he's only started 19 games. He's getting filthy rich being on the DL. Can't beat that! Of course being the drama king Roger is, he announced it during the 7th inning stretch and he didn't even tell his BFF Andy Pettite he was coming back. Why they felt the need to constantly mention that little fact I have no idea. What is this, high school?
The Cavs beat the Nets today. Apparently Lebron caught a cold during halftime. This he's a hero playing thru the common cold angle that ABC and ESPN has taken is gross! They made no mention of this cold until after halftime, then they couldn't show enough graphics of Lebron sitting on the bench with a towel and a tissue. The Nets had opportunities, but instead of giving RJ more touches they let Vince dribble the air out of the ball then pull up for some ill advised shot. That's nothing unusual, but this time he wasn't making them! Jason Kidd is clearly not an offensive threat. If I were the Cavs, I'd just cut off his passing lanes and dare him to shoot. I'd literally sit down and watch Jason Kidd shoot in front of me cause I'd be extremely confident he wouldn't make them. Watch him go out and get 30 just to make me look silly! One can only hope.
The Spurs beat the Suns in a very entertaining game. It literally had blood (Steve Nash) sweat (all of em) and tears (Tony Parker) He was crying I don't care what anyone says. Tony and Steve bumped heads literally and while Tony was writhing around on the court like a soccer player, Steve Nash was bleeding profusely from his nose. They got it cleaned up for a bit, but they had to take him out because it just wouldn't stop. It was gross! He did make it back in for the last 9 seconds but by that time it was too late. They play again Tuesday, it should be a good one. It's kind of a must win for Phoenix because it would certainly be a bad idea for them to go to San Antone down 2 games. There were a lot of ticky tack foul calls this game. I hope they change the officiating crew for Tuesday's game. I don't want to watch Timmy and Amare get into a free throw shooting contest. They need to just let them play. I don't want to hear a whistle blow unless there's blood comparable to what Steve Nash had. Okay maybe that's a little much, but it's the playoffs. Damn all the hand check calls!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Playoffs, Barry, The Fight

Damn you Houston!!! I didn't watch a moment of this game because I was at a fight party so I really can't comment on what went wrong. I'm very disappointed for Tracy. I saw his press conference and he was moved to tears. Heartbreaking, really! He might go down as the best player to never get out of the first round of the playoffs. Oh well, the Jazz move on to play the Warriors. They matchup really well so I could see this series going the distance. I'm picking the Warriors to get to the Conference Finals. (if someone had said that in November you would have called them crazy. Me too)
The Pistons beat the Bulls pretty handily. I expect Detroit to take care of home.
Barry hit another homerun. I was actually watching the game and I walked out of the room to do something during the commercial break and when I came back he was rounding the bases. I was terribly disturbed because you know just as well as I do that the ONLY reason to watch the Giants play is for Barry's at bats. They stayed away from him after that. Of course.
The Yankees won. Wang had a perfect game thru 7 or so til he gave up a homerun. Hey we don't need the pitchers to be perfect, we just want them to not give up 15 runs.
Pretty Boy beat Golden Boy in a split decision. This fight really was subjective although if you just look at the numbers Floyd won it hands down and that's what it should be based on. Right? However, Oscar was waaaaaay more aggressive. He was fighting Floyd while Floyd was basically defending him and landing shots here and there. He threw way less punches, but he landed more than Oscar. Floyd deserved to win just because of that, but I did appreciate Oscar's aggressiveness. He thought he won the fight and so did Floyd's daddy. Let's just call him Benedict Arnold from now on. You gotta stick with your kid ALL the way! Oscar did pay for his seats though. The funniest thing was when Floyd came out in a damn sombrero! I almost fell off the couch! Priceless.
Oh yeah, a horse named Street Sense came from 19th place and won the Kentucky Derby.

2nd Round Predictions

I guess I'd better make my 2nd round predictions since the Pistons/Bulls start tonight even though technically the first round isn't over because game 7 between Utah and Houston is tonight. It really doesn't matter who wins this series because I'm taking the Warriors in the next round anyway. Although I do think Utah will be tough matchup for them.
I only got 2 series wrong in the first round unless Houston loses then it will be 3 wrong. I'm going for a clean sweep this time.

San Antonio over Phoenix- I'm rooting for Phoenix, but I don't think they'll beat San Antonio 4 times out of 7
Golden State over Utah/Houston-They're hot right now and they are playing with house money.
Detroit over Chicago- I'm torn between these two so I'll just go with the vets.
New Jersey over Cleveland-I'm not a big fan of the Lebrons.

Pretty Boy vs, Golden Boy

This is supposedly the biggest fight ever. Um, I don't know about all that, but it is the biggest fight recently. So here's the conversation I had with my dad and it pretty much sums up our feelings about the fight.
Dad: Who ya got?
Me: I got Floyd.
Dad: He better knock him out.
Me: Floyd's not really a knockout guy.
Dad: Yeah well he better knock De La Hoya's ass out cause if he's still standing when the fight is over they will give it to him.
Me: You might be right about that.
Dad: Somebody better tell his ass.

I really do think Floyd will win this fight. The media is doing an obscene amount of hating on Pretty Boy. Yeah, he's a flashy, cocky arrogant and any other synonyms for those words guy, but he has earned the right to be. He came up hard and now he gets to celebrate and live lavishly. His biggest problem is that most of the media types who cover boxing cannot relate to him whatsoever so they paint him as a villain. It ain't that serious. No matter who wins, I hope it's worth the $54.99 it costs!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A playoff game, The playoff game! (Warriors win)

The Yankees won a doubleheader, The Jazz evened up the series so it's back to Houston where T-Mac will have one last chance to get out of the first round. Good Luck.
On to the important game. The Warriors absolutely DESTROYED the Mavs! It got so ugly so quick! It's like I looked up in the 3rd quarter and the Warriors were up 20! I was watching the whole time and I still couldn't explain how it happened. All I know is that it happened quickly! I was a little worried about the Warriors early on because Baron tweaked his hamstring and he had to go to the locker room. No way they can win without him. It just ain't happening. He came back and promptly dropped 11 straight points on the Mavs in the 2nd qtr. Baron Davis was the best player in this series, but Stephen Jackson was the difference. I've been saying it all along and I'll say it again. Every team needs a Stephen Jackson type of player. To quote Steve Kerr "he just doesn't care". He hit every 3 point shot he took except one and the looks he kept getting, dammit Dallas should be ashamed! Have they not been watching this Warriors team? They keep shooting 3's even when they aren't making them. What the hell made them think if they stood there and watched Jacko he wouldn't shoot em? He was lights out from beyond the arc! Aside from killing the Mavs on offense, he locked Dirk's ass down on the defensive end. He would not let him get the ball, never mind the fact that Dirk is several inches taller than him. I digress. Matt Barnes played big and Biedrins even hit 4 out of 6 free throws. I knew the Warriors weren't losing that game when I saw him hit 2 in a row. It was laugh out loud funny! As far as the Mavs, Jerry Stackhouse was the only one who came to play tonight! He had 18 first half points, but he was a non-factor in the 2nd half. Notice how long it took me to get to the eventual Association MVP Dirk. He had 8 points, not in a quarter or at the half, but in the whole damn game!!!!!!!!!! Half of them came from the free throw line. I don't even need to explain how that won't get it done! I don't even really have the words to describe how disappointing Dirk was this whole series. (except for a game 5 in which I knew there was no way in hell they were going to lose that game) He did nothing to help the Mavs! As a team they are just soft as hell!!! There was no one on the team that gave a hard foul or anything to let the Warriors know that they weren't going to go down without a fight. Even Matt Barnes got a flagrant in the 4th and by that time the game was over and Dallas already knew the Warriors were not playing. Mark Cuban has to be on suicide watch right now. I'm happy for Warriors. If you sat someone down that had not watched basketball all season and made them watch this series and pick who the better team was, there's no way they would say Dallas. The Warriors wanted it more so they got it.

Lakers, Spurs/Suns East vs West

Okay, so I was a little off about my Lakers over Suns prediction, but you can't fault me for not being objective. Kobe is my favorite player. The Suns took care of them in 5 last night. It was basically a walk in the park. The Lakers have some decisions to make this off season. They need to overhaul the whole roster. Everyone should be expendable except Kobe and Lamar. The 7 ft Kareem prodigy can go if the right offer comes in.
The Spurs beat the Nuggets in 5. I had this one right even though I was hoping for an upset. Denver averaged like 105 points per game in the regular season. They may have averaged 90 for the series. The old adage defense wins games is still true. The Spurs/Suns series should be pretty interesting. I hope the Suns win, but I think the Spurs will. They seem to know how to play Phoenix pretty well. Amare was killin Timmy 2 years ago and the Spurs still won in 5. I think they'll do the same thing they did back then. They'll let Amare go off and contain everyone else. Tony Parker will light Steve Nash up like most good guards do and Bruce Bowen will probably make Marion a non-factor just like the last time. All of the experts are proclaiming the winner of this series the eventual champs. They said the same thing about the Mavs/Spurs last year and the Heat won the ship. You don't have to play the entire Western conference you only have to play one team and I think the Pistons can beat any team that comes from the West.(If they get past the Bulls) I'd rather wait and see who wins the East before I hand the title to the West.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Post game Warriors, Mavs, TJ, Phil Hughes, Who's gonna give him the damn ball now?

Dallas won the game. They showed me two sides of them tonight. First of all they had a 21 point lead with a little over 3 minutes to go in the half and they coughed it up. But, at the end of the game they came back from 9 down and won. Dirk actually showed up down the stretch hitting 2 big 3 pointers, but Devin Harris was the difference. He was aggressive right after Matt Barnes dunked on his head. I guess that got him going. I didn't think the Warriors would win this game and they didn't, but I do think they'll get it in Oakland. Stephen Jackson got ejected at the end of the game for clapping. Apparently if you play for Golden State you are not allowed to do that. The ejection was completely unnecessary and the ref should be suspended. They are flexin too much in this series. Last time Jacko got ejected he played pretty well the next time out so maybe this was a blessing in disguise.
The Raptors held off the Nets so they're still alive. I picked the Raps to win this series, but if T J Ford cannot go their chances get even worse! He had to leave the game and go to the hospital but he did return. He collided with someone and given his history they had to take certain precautions.
The Yankees won tonight. 10-1 Philip Hughes was apparently pretty good, but he had to be pulled in the 7th because of some injury. He actually had a no hitter. That is the story of our season. Aw what the hell, the pitching is atrocious!
The Sox lost yay. Not that we are making up any ground but........
The Panthers cut Keyshawn Johnson. He might retire, he might not. At this point we don't know, I hope he doesn't he's a cutie. My Eagles could use a little help at the receiver position since they let Stallworth go. At the very least they need to give him a look.

Pre game blog Mavs Vs Warriors

So Dallas is down 3-1 and while this is not an insurmountable lead I don't think they can come back to win. When Phoenix went down 3-1 to the Lakers, there was actually a lot of fight in them in the 3 games they lost. I just don't see that kind of fight in the Mavs. They've shown me nothing to lead me to believe that they will turn this thing around. Dirk is iffy, the coach is iffy. They are acting just like they did after game 4 in Miami last year. I think the Warriors will be poppin bottles when this is all said and done. Of course none of the experts are backing off their Dallas pick. I think they just hate to admit when they are wrong. Most of the so called experts had the Warriors winning one game at the most because Dallas is a 67 win team. So what! Some teams just play other teams well it doesn't matter how much worse they are than the other team, they just find a way to beat them. This is what the Warriors have been doing to the Mavs for years now. This didn't just start this season when Nellie got there. They've played Dallas well for quite some time now. Anyway, I think Dallas will lose this series. They might win tonight in Dallas, but I don't see them going back to Oakland winning. I just don't see it.