Monday, April 27, 2009

Game 4 Preview: Joe The Basketball Player, Step Up

I really hate to do this, but here's a quote from Joe Johnson prior to the playoffs starting.

"You get that type of respect for how you perform during the postseason," Joe Johnson said. "During the regular season, you get your name out there, you get known. But the postseason is where legends are made."

Well Joe, it's time for you to have THAT game. You know the one I repeatedly beg you to have in many a posts on this very blog?
That, "there's no way in HELL we are losing this game on my watch tonight".
I know you are going up against one of the players who has perfected that type of game, but still.
If it's in you, you have to bring it out tonight.
This is the season.
Be Joe The Basketball Player tonight.

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ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

hate to say this, but Joe Johnson isn't going to be a legend. Never thought he would before this series and certainly don't believe he can now.

Sorry to throw cold ice water on that thought.