Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A I, What defines an MVP, NBA officiating

A I is on the trading block yet again. How can someone with his resume` be so ridiculed by the media and or team owners. They all circle the date when A I is coming to their city because there's most assuredly going to be a crowd (unless it's Philly of late) Why wouldn't they jump at the opportunity to witness that on a nightly basis. These owners and media outlets can try to convince us that he's too hard to play with and etc., but at the end of the day the NBA is a business and if he does nothing besides get you 30+ points a night and give you a chance to win, he'll put butts in the seats and I tend to think any smart business man would jump on that!

MVP What exactly defines the MVP? I can't quite figure it out because the requirements seem to change yearly. Is it the guy who's most valuable to his league? No, because Kobe would have won it in 2005-2006. Say what you will about Kobe, but he had 50+ year old women in my office asking me about his 62 thru 3 quarters at Dallas and his 81 point performance against Toronto. He became must see t v because you knew on any given night he could do something historic. What could have been more valuable to the league than that? Is it the player with the best statistics (K G) or does he have to have the best statistics for a contender?? (T D) Is it the player who if he misses a game his team will have a HARD time winning without him? (A I) Is it the player that requires so much attention he makes it easier for his teammates? (S O) Is it the player that has been anointed as "The King"?(LBJ) I just don't know. There definitely need to be some guidelines. They should probably just do away with it, because the outcome is always debatable!

NBA Officiating Am I the only person in the world that has a problem with the fact that Superstars get officiated differently than so called role players? Why is it that commentators say "he's a superstar so he's going to get that call" and no one raises an eyebrow? Am I to believe that because a certain player only plays about 25 minutes a night, he is not worthy of the same calls as the player that plays 40 minutes a night? That is ridiculous when you say it aloud, or in this case read it aloud. I personally think the players who do all the dirty work for the Superstars to be Superstars should be rewarded accordingly. Role players make the team go. Someone has to rebound and play defense and do the little things that actually win games, but don't make highlight reels. If the Commish is so worried about the image of the league he'll focus more on the atrocious officiating that has taken place of late. You always hear about them wanting to appeal to the "casual fans". Well trust me, the causal fans care more about the fact that the role player on their favorite team just drove down the lane and came up bleeding with no call than they care about what A I was wearing when he got to the arena. It just seems like the Commish is putting way too much effort into things that don't affect the integrity of the game. What's the sense in that? Is it really going to matter if D Wade is wearing a dress shirt after the game is over? No. But, it will matter if he skips to the free throw line 25 times in an NBA Finals game. Not that something like that would ever happen, but you get my point.

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