Thursday, December 7, 2006


The NBA lacks drama up until the playoffs and its all because the players take NBA Cares the wrong way. They care too damn much about the opposition! Every time a player is asked about the skills of another player, they just shower them with compliments. When did they get so soft? There are no real rivalries anymore, because all of the "Superstars" adore each other! Some of them claim to be the best of friends. Its sickening to watch these players compliment each other at every opportunity! The league would be so much better if it had players other than Kobe and Shaq that had a genuine distaste for each other. The regular season games would garner much more attention if fans felt that 2 players wanted nothing more than to demolish each other. Its okay to respect your opponent, but most of these players go above and beyond to show their admiration for one another. Save all the affection for retirement! Back in the day the "best" players really wanted to know who the "best of the best" was. Jordan and Dominique competed in the dunk contest because they wanted bragging rights. We don't get that from today's players. We basically get to decide who's the best from the number of free throws they attempt in the playoffs! (Superstars get all the calls) Kobe, Lebron, D-Wade, Melo, its time for you guys to settle this debate on the court. Next time you face one another, try to put up career highs and try to hold your opponent to career lows. Give the fans something to look forward to! And hey, if that isn't motivation enough, Lebron, Kobe said something about yo momma!

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