Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mets Suck!

Its official, the Mets suck! The Phillies won the NL East for the first time since 1993. I guess New York fans were worried about the wrong team not making the playoffs. In all honesty I was too, but that's mainly because I don't care about the Mets enough to focus on them. Anyway, I'm sure heads will roll in Flushing cause that's just the way it goes down in professional sports. If the front office looks at this whole thing realistically they'll realize that everything everyone knew would be a problem for the Mets actually ended up being a problem for them. It just looks worse because it happened so late in the season. Everyone knew their starting pitching and bullpen would be a problem this season. It's just in the beginning of the season when they jumped ahead of everyone else in their division, the other teams weren't playing all that well. Philly got hot at the right time and won 13 of their last 17 games. Talk about living in the moment. Good luck to them against the Rockies/Padres. (still won't know who's in til tomorrow)
The Bears suck and its not even Rex's fault this time.
The Chargers suck and there are plenty of reasons for it, including but not limited to: Norv Turner, Phil Rivers, offense in general and the defense. Once they solve all of those problems they'll be straight!
The Eagles should double Brian Westbrook's salary! They're a disaster on offense without him!!! Donovan needs him back there because no one else on that offense scares anyone. Osi sacked Donovan a million times. I'm kind of happy for him because we went to Troy together, but the Eagles are my team because of 5 so I'm a little pissed at the same time.
Brett Favre finally broke Dan Marino's touchdown record. No one has criticized old Brett more than myself, but I have to admit he's played pretty well thus far. I'm not totally convinced he won't revert back to his old throwing into triple coverage self, but I can't hate on him right now since the Packers are 4-0
Pepp got his revenge against the Dolphins.
Dallas looks like the class of the NFC. Yuck.
The Falcons finally got their first win today. Joey has played well 2 weeks in a row. My guess is he feels Leftwich breathing down his neck so he knows he better shape up.
The Steelers lost to the Cardinals. Mike Tomlin still looks good on the sideline though, so all is well.
Finally, move over George because Evander is about to release his grill "The Evander Holyfield Real Deal Grill. If it's cheap I'll definitely get one!

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