Monday, September 17, 2007

NFL week 2

So week 2 of the NFL is in the books except for the Monday night game, but I'm just going to go ahead and assume the Eagles will win. Anyway, the Falcons are just as bad as everyone expected them to be. I wonder when we are going to get to see that much heralded Petrino offense we've heard so much about. Next week would be a great place to start considering thus far they've only scored 10 points. That's not going to get it done.
The Chargers got drilled by the Pats last night. If they are supposed to be one of the 3 best teams in the NFL they really might as well go ahead and give the Pats the trophy. In fairness LT can't possibly have the type of season he had last year again. Can he? I doubt it, he set the bar way too high. Now maybe people will realize that Phillip Rivers wasn't that good last year it's just that LT was so good no one noticed.
Rex Grossman sucks! He must have some dirt on Lovie because there's no good reason for him to still be starting. The Bears defense will not be able to overcome his ineptitude 2 years in a row.
The Browns scored 51 points on the Bengals while the Bengals scored 45 points on the Browns. You expect that kind of offensive output from the Bengals, but for goodness sakes they can't be considered contenders when their defense is giving up over 500 yards of offense to the Browns.
The Saints have reverted back to their losing ways. Their offense has taken a step back and its mainly because the defense sucks so they have to play from behind and they insist on letting Reggie Bush get his touches. He needs to learn that in the NFL you can't run backwards before you run forwards. This is not the sorry ass Pac 10, they'll catch you. They need to give the ball to Deuce and get the hell out of the way. He might not be as "elusive" as Reggie, but at least he runs forward. They're looking more and more like that 3-13 team from a couple of years ago.
Matt Schaub looks like the second coming of somedamnbody. He's played extremely well and I'm sure Falcons fans are livid. Especially the ones who wanted him to be starting over that running back pretending to be a quarterback. (their words, not mine) Oh well, there's not much that can be done about it now.
Moving on, The Yanks beat the sux again last night. They got drilled Saturday, but they took the series. They needed it too because Detroit is only 2 games behind in the Wild Card standings. Boston still has a 4.5 game lead for the division. They'd have to try to lose it at this point.


Gabby's World said...

Schaub is playing in a WCO...that he's quite familiar with since that's the type he played in at UVA and that psuedu one here in Atlanta for 3 years, plus he has Andre Johnson who is a playmaker...I expect Schaub to have a good year...had he been stuck in Atlanta, the Falcons might be 1-1, but the season would still be 7-9 at best.

CoCo said...

I thought the Falcon's would have a 7-9 season even if Vick were still there. The problems on that team extend way further than the quarterback.