Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Woody Needs a Pink Slip

I'm not going to tip toe around this, I want Mike Woodson to be made available to the job market! He's so predictable, I could set a clock to him. I'm sure other teams in the NBA have. The Hawks lost to the Detroit Pistons tonight. While you may not be surprised by this at all, they could have won this game. They fought hard to get back into it and take the lead and what do ya know with 22 seconds left down by 3, Woody draws up, or shall I say just tells the team to run the Joe Johnson iso play from memory. No need to waste marker drawing up the same damn play! Now you might be saying to yourself, Joe is the Hawks best player (untrue this season) so of course the ball should be in his hands. Well other than the fact that Joe only had 11 points and Josh had 29, I'd totally agree with you. Totally. Sports is supposed to be a release from the stresses of real life, but being a Hawks fan just adds stress to my life! It's not supposed to be this way! I hate to wish unemployment on anyone, but Woody has got to go before the Hawks fall completely out of the playoff picture.

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