Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Wore What To The NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is over and if you want to know who went where you can go here. Let's take a look at what some of the guys were wearing. There were a lot of the basic navy and black ensembles, but I won't bore you with many of those. Here are some of the guys who stood out a bit. My two favorites were DJ Augustin and OJ Mayo.

P.S. Chris Douglas Roberts did not go in the first round. WTF?

My girl Holly Mac was not feeling OJ, but I think he looks handsome other than the shoes. The outfit fits the image he has been projecting. He looks slightly lame, and I like slightly lame guys.

DJ Augustin looks fabulous! I love these colors on him.

Mike Beasley played it safe. He so looks like he knew he'd be going 2nd overall.

Derrick Rose bored me. Is it asking too much to make a statement when you know you're probably going to go #1? Color please!

This suit is adorable just like the man wearing it!

I'm kinda feeling Brandon Rush's ensemble. The colors look good on him.

Eric Gordon looks a little like he was going to the prom when you get a close view of the suit, howeva I'm glad he took a risk. He went there.

This suit kinda bores me.

He cried waaaaay before you should ever start crying in any draft. And, he did it in a boring suit!

I'll end this post with a pic of Darrell Arthur, the last guy in the green room. Awkward.


Holly said...

CoCo! Fantastic, except.... I LOVED OJ. I've got a new NBA crush. Only problem is they seem to get younger and younger! Those glasses and the suit were fantastic. He killllled it!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im with u
and im from memphis
but he was a steal for NJ at 40

TADOne said...

My girl Co Co! OJ looked ok, but he needs to return the bowling shoes.

As for CDR: It absolutely killed me that Dumars didn't draft him! But then it came out in one of the Detroit papers that he blew off TWO seperate workout requests by Joe D. because he assumed he would go way before the 29th pick. I also heard he blew off workout requests to a number of other teams in the low half of the first round.

I guess you get what you deserve.