Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wimbledon, Yankees, Agent Zero

Just a few quick thoughts:

The Wimbledon Final between Federer and Nadal was AMAZING! It looked like Federer was going to get beat in straight sets, but then there was a little rain delay during the 3rd set and it kind of re energized him. (At least that's what the announcer eluded too) The truth is that the only reason Federer won sets 3 and 4 is because they were decided by a tiebreak. He could NOT break Nadal's serve today when he really needed to. He only broke him one time which is hard to believe because he's Roger freakin Federer. He just couldn't get that big shot against Nadal's serve. It was unbelievable! I knew as soon as Nadal broke him in the 5th set it was over. I think he knew it too deep down inside. This Sunday was the first Sunday in months that I didn't miss football season.

Yesterday in the women's Final Venus beat Serena. Venus is a beast on grass so I knew she'd win no matter how well Serena was playing.

The Yankees disgust me right now! In less than 25 days I'm going to Yankee Stadium to watch them play the Los Angeles Angels of Beverly Hills Anaheim California or whatever it is they call themselves these days and I fear by that time the Yankees might not be in the playoff race. How can the last season in Yankees Stadium as I know it end with anything less than a World Series ring?? I'll tell you how, because they can't hit and pitch on the same day. If they get a good outing by the starting pitcher they give him little to no run support. It's awful, just awful. And on top of all that, everyone is banged up. I'd be disappointed if they didn't make the playoffs no matter what season it is, but this season in particular it would be severely disappointing.

Gilbert Arenas is not worth $100 million. He just isn't. He's cute and funny and honest and quirky and a whole lot of other adjectives except franchise player. The Wizards finished with the same record without Arenas as they would have finished with if he were playing. That's just the truth, look it up. I just don't understand when a guy became worth $100 million just because he is the best player on YOUR team. There might be 5 players in the NBA who are legitimately worth $100 million and Gil is not among them. If you get that kind of money you HAVE to be able to take your team to the Finals. He can't even get his team out of the first round! And, he has a bum knee! Signing that contract means there are no more excuses. When you take franchise player money then you need to do franchise player things. I'm talking to you too J.O. and Rashard Lewis.

And Hawks fans have the nerve to say Josh isn't worth $65 million. Puhleeze! If Gil is worth $111 million then Josh is worth $65 million. Easily.


TADOne said...

Co Co! I hate the Yankees, so I love the fact they may not make the playoffs. Sorry. I also watched some of that tennis match and was amazed, and I don't even like tennis!

As for Gil: I will agree that he probably isn't worth $100 mil, but you cannot blame him if that is what the team is offering. However, I do think Gil can be a difference maker when healthy, and the doctors seem to think he is. I remember about 2 years ago when people were saying Gil was one of the top players in the league, and then he got hurt. I love Gil, so I hope he proves people wrong and takes the Wiz deep into the playoffs (unless, of course, they play the Pistons)

CoCo said...

Tad, do not EVER use the word hate towards my Yankees! I'll ban your ass! :-)