Sunday, July 13, 2008

Favre not finished throwing interceptions just yet...

I knew it was too good to be true! Brett Favre wants to throw a few more interceptions! After a few days of sending text messages to the Packers GM (What is this junior high? He's damn near 40. He should not be handling this type of business via text message) he wants the Packers to release him unconditionally. After Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy stopped laughing they politely told him there is no way in hell that's going to happen.
Brett and his agent cannot really believe the Packers are going to be stupid enough to let him play somewhere else without getting any type of compensation for him. He still has 3 years left on his contract and they own his rights. Brett is about to learn that the NFL really is a business and even though he's a legend he is not bigger than the team. At least he isn't anymore.
Poor Aaron Rodgers is probably supremely annoyed with that lil diva, but he'll never say it. The fans in Green Bay would never forgive him if he started talking reckless about Brett.
Either way I'm tired of this. ESPN isn't even bothering to cover other stories. I really want him to make a decision and stick with it. He's always been able to live with his decision to throw into triple coverage leading to an interception so he needs to just decide with that same "If this is the wrong decision I'll live with it" mindset. Seriously, this song and dance is getting old!

Matt Jones, wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jags is a cokehead......

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TADOne said...

That Matt Jones story lived for about a day and a half, but that 'acting' like a cokehead Brett Favre has been talked about non-stop. I can't even tune into 'FavreCenter' anymore because i'm sick of it. When does the NFL and NBA training camps open?