Monday, March 23, 2009

Hawks/Wolves Preview: Courtesy of my Mom

This is a real conversation I had with my Mom this morning.

C.C.:What are you doing?

Mom: Just working. What about you?

C.C.: Just working.

Mom: Do y'all have a game this evening?

C.C.: Yeah we play the Timberwolves.

Mom: Oh, it's a Thrashers game.

C.C.: No, it's a Hawks game.

Mom: Well where do they play? I've never heard of them.

C.C.: They play in Minnesota.

Mom: They can afford an NBA team?

C.C.: Apparently.

Mom: Should the Hawks win?

C.C.: They darn well better. They have to play the Spurs, Celtics and Lakers this week. They can't lose this one.

Mom: Yeah they shouldn't lose to a team I've never heard of. Who plays for them?

C.C.: Kevin Garnett used to play for them.

Mom: Oh I know who that is. They must have only mentioned him and never the team he played for. Who else played for them?

C.C.: No one worth mentioning obviously.

Mom: Yeah well I guess the Hawks shouldn't lose to a bunch of nobodies.

C.C. : Let's hope.


THHB said...

Arrgh! Now I have to change what I was going to write!

Classic---great job, CoCo--simple, yet conveys what all of us expect from this team---don't lose to a bunch of nobodies.

CoCo said...

Haha No Jason don't change it. The crazy thing about being a Hawks fan/Blogger is the fact that we all have the same thoughts, we just go about expressing them differently. You do what you do, which I'm sure will be more informative than what did!

Jesse said...

That was pure awesome!