Monday, March 30, 2009

Sixers or Heat

Who do you think the Hawks match-up better against?

My thoughts on this don't even concern the match ups. I'm more concerned with how the NBA thrives.
I would rather play the Sixers because I honestly think the prospect of a LeBron vs Wade second round would be too enticing for the league to pass up. I'm not saying they "fix" games. I'm just saying we all know the kind of preferential treatment superstars tend to get and Wade is one of the more preferred in the league. I remember watching him skip to the free throw line 20 something times in the Finals against the Mavs. If they'll officiate him like that when the whole world is watching, then you know they'll give him a bogus call or two when only one coast is watching.
Having said all of that, I honestly think the Hawks are the 4th best team in the East and they should beat whomever they play in the first round (with home court advantage)
What are your thoughts?


Jonathan said...

That is the exact reason why I don't want to play Heat. The refs will make a difference as you said and I am not sure how a young team like the hawks will respond.

CoCo said...

Well Jonathan we all know our players let the refs take them out of the game far too often. Not all of them, but the likes of Mike Bibby, Josh Smith and The Head Coach just can't help themselves. They should take their cues from Joe and Al and just take those no calls/bad calls in stride.

THHB said...

We can overcome the officiating--I think the Sixers are a more dangerous matchup for us.

Drew Ditzel said...

agree with the human highlight. give me the heat.