Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No One Wants to Watch the Hawks, and I Don't Blame Them

Atlanta Hawks basketball games are not aesthetically pleasing most nights. This little fact is nothing to get all worked up about. There are a lot of Hawks fans who are genuinely upset about the numerous ways the masses have decided they don't care about the Hawks/Pacers series. I'm going to let you all in on a little secret.....  I don't like watching Hawks games either. I can't think of anything I voluntarily do that frustrates me more. There's nothing cool about being a Hawks fan.  Nothing. My Grandmother calls me during every Hawks game to taunt me. I'm not kidding. She's 72 years old, and she goes out of her way to remind me that they aren't very good. Here's a typical conversation EVERY time the Hawks play.

Granny: Hey Landy, what are you doing?
Me: Nothing. What are you doing?
Granny: Watching your Hawks. You know they're gonna get their butt's beat.
Me: Nah, we could win this game. (then I spout off about 3 different scenarios that could lead to victory, depending on who they're playing)
Granny: You know them other boys come ready tonight. Y'all ain't trying to do nothing. 
Me: Leave my boys alone, we got this.

 If they actually win, she calls me back and expresses complete and utter shock that they were able to pull it off. If they lose, she doesn't even bother to call back, because hell, I guess I should have expected it
Bottom line, if I weren't a Hawks fan, I wouldn't watch their games either. 

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Larry Stewart said...

The plight of being a Hawks fan....

CoCo said...

It really is a thankless job.