Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hawks Win, Heat Suck

So I've been slipping a little (lot) I need to get it together.
Anyway, the Hawks beat the LeBron's last night in the Highlight Factory. The starting 5 was fantastic! They were all in double digits in the scoring department. The starting 5 for Cleveland was not so hot. Its began and ended with LeBron, as it does on most nights. Damon Jones is getting playing time which sums up how much help LeBron doesn't have.
The Wizards will be at the Factory tomorrow night. Hopefully we will play them better than we did in Washington earlier in the season.
In an unrelated story, I can't remember the last time the Miami Heat won a game. There were reports that Pat Riley was considering stepping down as coach next season so he could focus on his duties as the president or whatever his other title is. He promptly denied any such consideration. I believe him because he's probably not going to wait until next season. I'd leave now if I were him!

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