Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hawks/Nuggets Preview/Update: Hawks Lose. Again.

So tonight marks the beginning of our 5 game road trip out west. While we disposed of the Nuggets with relative ease last week, I don't know if I can reasonably expect the same outcome. That's just not how this team is built. Melo is doubtful for tonight, which is a plus for us, but they still have A I and he can single handedly win a game all by himself. He did it for several years in Philly. Za Za won't be available to us tonight for disciplinary reasons, but we were fine at Philips without him so....... We need to start this road trip off with a win. Best case scenario 9 days from now, we've gone 5-0, Worst case scenario, we come back home 0-5. Probable case scenario ( I have no idea what the phrase even means, I just made it up) we come back 3-2 which would be fine by me. I'll recap this game a bit later.

Off the subject: I hate Sean Salisbury. If you watch Sportscenter you know why.

Update: Things didn't work out so well for us in Denver tonight. We started out very good, then things fell apart. Kenyon Martin was playing like he had two good knees. Marcus Camby had 200 rebounds. Okay he really only had 21 rebounds, but it felt like 200.
J-Smoove had a triple double which is a wonderful accomplishment, but it wasn't enough. Marvin had a decent game, Al had a double double, but again it wasn't enough. Joe only had 14 points and all of them came after the first quarter. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but we need Joe to score in every quarter. It's difficult to win games when he plays well, when he plays poorly its damn near impossible.
Melo didn't play, which means the Nuggets were at a slight disadvantage. Fortunately for them they had guys like K-Mart and Kleiza step up.
(Channeling my inner Hubie Brown) If I'm the Atlanta Hawks, I have to win games where the opposing team's second best player is out.
Anyway, this is not how I envisioned us starting this five game road trip, but oh well.

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