Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost $35,000,000 Guaranteed For #3. Really Arthur????

Okay, maybe I'm wrong about this, (although I doubt it because I'm incorporating a little common sense into the equation) but the Atlanta Falcons giving a #3 pick more money than the #1 pick is just absurd to me!

I know Matt Ryan plays the QB position and they are normally the highest paid players, but he was picked 3rd so shouldn't they have based his contract on what the two people in front of him received? Isn't that why most teams wait until the #1 pick is signed so they can make sure they don't overextend themselves? In this case the #1 picked signed a couple of days before the draft so they knew how high the bar was set. I know the Falcons want to make it clear that they are so over Michael Vick, but I think drafting a quarterback kinda drove that point home.

Was there really a need to give Matt Ryan that much money?

"It's highly unusual to get a first-round pick this high in the first round signed in the month of May, and it's indicative of the kind of person he is," Blank said of Ryan.

No it's not highly unusual when you put damn near $35 million on the table. Him accepting damn near $5 million more than the #1 overall pick is not indicative of what kind of person he is, unless you really had no idea prior to him signing that he wasn't a complete idiot.

"We don't want to go through a situation like they went through last year in Oakland," Blank said. "This young man wants to come in and compete."

In my mind these are two totally different situations because Russell was the #1 overall pick so of course his contract needed to be higher than everyone else's. Matt was selected #3 overall so they should have started negotiations about guaranteed money around about $2-3 million less than whatever the #1 pick received.

I don't know why I'm acting surprised, the Falcons have been known to overpay players before. See Ovie Mughelli

I'm not mad at Matt for getting his money, but the NFL desperately needs to put some kind of cap on rookie salaries. It's just ridiculous that unproven players can get paid more than the vets. Talk about the prisoners running the asylum. How in the hell can someone who isn't even really a part of a company yet have that much control over it's employer?

It's mind boggling I tell ya!

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