Monday, May 19, 2008

Conference Finals, No Hitter, Barry Bonds and the Maloofs

The Conference Finals are finally set. The Lakers will face the Spurs and the Pistons will face the Celtics. I'll take the Lakers and the Pistons to advance to the Finals.

Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester pitched a no hitter against the Royals. I was even pulling for the kid considering he's just a little over a year removed from fighting cancer.

The Yankees suck right now, I'll go into detail about this at the end of May.

So I was flipping through the video channels today and I came upon a David Banner, Young Joc and Chris Brown video. Aside from the fact that Chris Brown singing in the middle of the song was a bit awkward, Barry Bonds and the Maloof brothers were in the video. Strange. I would upload the video, but I don't know how, so just youtube it your damnself!

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