Friday, May 23, 2008

Spurs down 0-2, Doug Davis

The Spurs are in a little bit of trouble. They are now down 0-2 to the Lakers and both defeats were ugly! The first game they blew a 20 point lead halfway thru the 3rd qtr. You can't lose that game even if you have the championship mettle the Spurs have. It's not a good idea to give away games in a 7 game series, especially against a Kobe Bryant team that has realistic championship aspirations. The second game wasn't much better considering they got beat by 30, but at least they never had a chance to win it after halftime.

I know the Spurs were down 0-2 to the New Orleans Hornets and they came back to win that series in 7, but this Lakers team is better than that Hornets team. I seriously doubt they are going to lose four of the next five games. Although, stranger things have happened.

The Spurs have nothing to be ashamed of when they lose this series. There's no shame in losing to a better team, plus the Spurs don't repeat anyway.

Game 3 of the ECF between the Pistons and Celts is tomorrow. The Celts lost home court advantage so they are going to have to figure out their road woes if they want to advance to the Finals. Ray Allen finally joined them last night, but outside of the "big three" no one else did anything. That's not going to get it done. They are going to have to win in Detroit sooner rather than later. In other words they have to win one of these next two or their season will end a lot sooner than they'd hoped.

Yanks won, Sox lost.

Barry Zito finally won a game, now he's 1-8. $100+ million contracts just don't buy what they used to.

Earlier this week Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester pitched a no hitter. It was especially special because he'd just finished battling cancer a little over a year ago. The Diamondbacks Doug Davis made his first start since having a cancerous thyroid gland removed in April. The fact that he came back in a little over a month is a tremendous accomplishment in itself. Having lost several family members to cancer it's very encouraging when you see people like Jon Lester and Doug Davis win the battle. Hopefully those fighting cancer who aren't in the public eye will be inspired and know that they too can overcome and make a full recovery.

Oh yeah, I went online during the game tonight to check out the Yellowbook fresh faces feature on They basically have a screen split into 4 sections and they pick a player from each team to follow incessantly and the other two cameras are different angles of the game. It was pretty cool, the only problem is they don't have the score until there's a commercial break. I'm sure that's a kink they'll fix going forward.

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