Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm not just being lazy.....for the most part.

Since I wasn't there for the photoshoot

It's simple, I have very limited computer access right now. I'm basically only online while I'm at work and I'm almost 100% certain my bosses would prefer I use my time at work being productive as opposed to blogging about the Hawks. Don't fret, a new laptop is on the way from Dell. It won't ship until December 9th so to my 4 loyal readers you should go here and here for your daily fix of Hawks news.

Howeva, I did take a few minutes to write for the Hawks Blogger Roundtable.
Where you at Drew???

Brett quit making me look bad with all of your statistics and facts. There's no place for that in my world.

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Drew Ditzel said...

Micah was too quick on the draw, but i got in there. thanks for missing me.