Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Flagrant fouls should be reviewable.

Why aren't flagrant fouls reviewable in the NBA? They can effect the outcome of a game in a big way! So Joe Johnson was called for a flagrant foul tonight against the Spurs. At this point it was a 4 point game, that went to a 9 point game in the blink of an eye. It probably wasn't a flagrant foul and the league will more than likely rescind it which means Joe won't have to pay a fine. But, so what?? That doesn't do a damn thing for the Hawks. When a flagrant foul is called you get free throws and the ball, so shouldn't they make damn sure it was a flagrant before they make that type of decision. They can review shots at the end of a period by using replay, to me this is just as important. I don't just feel this way because it happened to the Hawks. I've felt this way for a long time. I don't think the refs should just huddle together and make that decision and let the league clean up after them if they were wrong. Go to the damn tape and make sure you saw what you think you saw after you all got together. If it was so obvious then they wouldn't need these meetings to make a decision. The call should be on the ref who blew the whistle for the damn foul anyway. I don't see why they are capable of calling regular fouls on their own but they need a forum to discuss whether or not a flagrant foul was committed. That is peer pressure if I've ever seen it. Two refs that weren't anywhere near as close as you were come in and help you decide that the foul you saw was worse than you originally thought. This makes no sense. I already hate NBA officiating and I don't understand why they won't do anything to make it better. The technology is there and it would only take a few minutes. Hell, they could do it during one of those 20 second timeouts that actually last about 60 seconds. It's time for them to come into 2007.

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