Monday, March 5, 2007

Hawks are officially in the hunt

The Hawks are killing me right now! There is just no rhyme or reason to this team. I would pay someone, anyone good money if they can explain to me what kind of offense they are running. I watch the games and I just don't get it. First of all, we need to speed up the game. I know we don't have a Jason Kidd or a Steve Nash or a Chris Paul (could have had him) or Derron Williams (could have had him) but we don't have the post player to run the half court offense Woodson keeps trying to shove down our throats either! The Hawks are a jump shooting team, and when they need a bucket in the worst way they have no idea how to get it! The Hawks have to be one of the easiest teams to defend. I'm no coach, but if I were going against the Hawks, here's my game plan: Get the ball out of Joe's hands and get Josh Smith in foul trouble. Its just that simple. The rest of the players are too damn inconsistent to spend any amount of time worrying about them. I was going to try to make this be somewhat coherent, but f*ck it, it's called the vent and that's what I need to do right now. Why the hell won't the Atlanta Spirit fire Billy Knight if for no other reason than the fact that he won't fire Mike Woodson? Its hard for me to believe either one of them still have a job with authority at this point. Let's look at Billy, he keeps drafting the wrong players!!!!!!! Instead of drafting the point guard this team has so desperately needed the past 2 years, he drafted forwards! Then he went and paid Speedy Claxton an obscene amount of money to sit on the bench and wear a suit. Meanwhile Chris Paul was Rookie of the Year and he has the New Orleans Hornets in the playoff hunt and what do the Hawks have? Marvin Williams, who it seems every time he has a big game the Hawks are getting there asses whipped! He's only effective when the game is over! And don't even get me started on Mike Woodson. I am the president of the "Its not all the coach's fault" fan club, but he has to go! The team is getting nowhere with him! His offense sucks, he can't get them to guard anyone, hell they don't even know how to commit fouls good enough to keep someone from getting an And 1! He looks disinterested most of the time and the team looks too damn passive too! They need a personality in the worst way! They need a thug and I don't mean the Pacman Jones type. I mean the on court thug, the guy that will foul the hell out of the opposing teams best player if he drives down the lane one too many times. Shelden Williams was supposed to fill that void. I know he's a rookie, but Puhlease! He doesn't scare anyone. Plus, he's the same height as everyone else on the damn team! Only Billy Knight could convince himself that Williams was going to be an enforcer in the NBA at 6ft 7 inches. This era has to be over soon. I also blame the current group of owners. They don't give a damn about the Hawks. They seem to be doing whatever is necessary to make the Thrashers competitive but they are sitting back doing nothing to improve the Hawks! I don't want to hear about this ongoing battle with Steve Belkin preventing them from making any big deals. They made deals to make the Thrashers better so that's bullshit! They are just as much to blame for the Hawks situation as anyone. They've allowed Billy to set this team back at least another 3-4 years if were lucky. Hell, it could be longer! This season had a lot of potential and I know they've had a lot of injuries, but there are moves that could have been made to make this team better. We are officially in the hunt for Kevin Durrant or Greg Oden, but if I know Billy like I do, we'll be in the hunt for Greg Paulus or some 6"7 European player. You can't even hope the team gets the #1 or #2 pick because there is the reality that Billy will draft the wrong player. This has to be the only team in the league where the draft doesn't even matter to the fans because the team just can't get it right! They are making me sick and I don't want to be their fan right now!

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