Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat

The Hawks beat the sorry ass Miami Heat tonight. The game went into an overtime that never should have happened, but I'm kind of used to us making games harder than they have to be. There are so many things worth mentioning about this game, that I don't know if I'll have time (or bother) to get to them all.
I have to start somewhere so I may as well start with the facts. The Heat wouldn't have been in the game were it not for the ridiculous amount of free throws they shot all night. I believe they had 24 attempts in the first half. D Wade did his best Finals MVP imitation and shot 22 himself. It was ridiculous. They ended up shooting 49 all together. We shot 38, but we had to play catch up in order to get those. Shaq is old. Zo got hurt and might be done for the season/career. Ricky Davis likes to shoot. That's enough facts.
Just a few thoughts about our 13-12 Atlanta Hawks: We have way too many players sitting on the bench in their Sunday suits. I'm afraid the 9 healthy bodies we have available will be worn out by the All Star break! These injuries are a gift and curse in a way. I think Woody is a better coach because of them. They've taken away his option to do strange things with his substitutions. It's probably just because he doesn't have the players available to screw with whatever is working on the floor, but I'm going to give him a little credit anyway.
Marvin Williams is starting to play like the #2 overall pick. He's been really, really good! No one has been harder on him than I have, but I have to acknowledge the improvements he's made. I'm still not sure the team wouldn't be better off with Chris Paul or Deron Williams, but if Marvin continues to play the way he's been playing, I'll get over myself.
Anthony Johnson has been the second best player on this team the past couple of games. That's a scary thought if you're a Hawks fan. First of all, he's 53 years old and he's playing an obscene amount of minutes. The fact that we need him to play those minutes is troubling. Second, it's unfair to him that we are working him like a mule. He's just months away from getting his AARP card, so we need to get this man some help to make sure his transition into retirement is smooth. Seriously, he's playing like a spry 22 year old. Gotta love that.
The team is over .500 for the first time this late in a season in a long time. I hope our healthy players remain healthy, and our unhealthy players get healthy.

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