Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hawks, Petrino, LeBron

The Hawks lost to the Dinosaurs (as one little boy called the Raptors) last night. Fresh off of an Eastern Conference player of the week award Josh was horrible! He was in foul trouble and he turned into that jump shooter that we all know and hate. Not a good look at all for the young fellow. T J Ford was having his way with the Hawks, but unfortunately when the game was winding down, he got a breakaway steal and Al fouled him on the layup attempt and knocked him to floor. He was down about 10 minutes and he had to be taken off on a stretcher. He does have movement in all of his extremities so hopefully he won't miss any real time. It wasn't a dirty play by Al, it was just one those freak incidents. Sam Mitchell ran across the court like he wanted to swing on Al. He don't want it for real. I think Woody could take him, I really do.
Bobby Petrino resigned yesterday. This is not what he signed up for, and I'm sure he figured next year won't be any better than this year so he had to do what he had to do. I'll have more on this later.
LeBron James finally returned to action after missing two months with a sprained finger on his non-shooting hand. Okay, it wasn't really 2 months, but he did miss about 6 games. He might need to toughen up a little bit. I'm sure A I was somewhere shaking his head in disbelief that a little sprained finger could keep this guy out for half the season. I personally think LeBron is tired and he just needed a little break. This was his opportunity to get it.

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coach said...

Al Harford is a dirty player ! The NBA should have given the guy a lifetime ban instead of a 1 game suspension.
If it's up to TO fans , Horford should be with Vick in jail or the doghouse.