Monday, March 17, 2008

The All Star Version of Joe Johnson is Back.

The Hawks beat the Wizards tonight for their 3rd straight victory. Watch out Houston, we're streaking too!

Joe Johnson has been an All Star of late. I was somewhat critical of Joe early in the season. Hell, he was playing like crap! Well now that Joe has picked up his play considerably (not that its led to a plethora of wins) Woody wants to know where people like myself are now.

Hawks coach Mike Woodson has a question for all those people who were critical of his captain around the All-Star break.
"Where are they now?" he said, shaking his head. "Where are they now?"

We're still here Woody. The fact that Joe has picked up his play doesn't erase the performances he had prior to these last 7 games. He wasn't playing at an All Star level when he was selected to the All Star game. When people pointed that out they weren't necessarily taking a shot at Joe. We were just wondering aloud who the hell was impersonating him.

He's trying to will this team into the playoffs," Woodson said. "His focus has been as good as I've seen it, on both ends of the floor. And I think having Mike has really given him a different look in terms of how teams are defending him.
"But he's been on top of his game here lately, and if we're going to do what we need to do [for the postseason], that's the way it has to be every night."

Yeah he's trying to will the team into the playoffs now, but is it asking too much for the All Star of the team to try to will his team into the playoffs in the beginning and middle of the season? It would have been nice if he had this new found will before the Hawks fell double digit games under .500. Of course it's not all Joe's fault. Some, if not most of this is on you Woody. Joe isn't going to be any good to the Hawks if they make the playoffs if you insist on playing him throughout the whole game. If Phil can find time to rest Kobe, I'm sure you can find a couple of minutes for Joe. I'm just sayin.....


Drew Ditzel said...

i am kind of obsessed with that picture of Joe, and i have been for some time now.

white hot eboy said...

Co Co, is Joe dreaming of you, or is that some strange way of you trying to cahnnel your thoughts to him so you can enter his dream state? "Dream Lover, come rescue me" indeed.