Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Take that Kobe!!

So LeBron dropped 50 in the Garden on the Knicks tonight! I know these Knicks suck, but 50 is 50 and that's impressive. I knew he'd have a big game, because now that it is widely acknowledged that the MVP will go to either him or Kobe he has to one up 24 or at least attempt to. Kobe had 52 on Sunday so of course LeBron had to explode his next time out and he did just that.

I know LeBron is good, but Mike Brown needs to at least ACT like a coach and not a fan. He says stuff like this all the time:

“You can’t take it for granted because he’s that good. He’s just a great player,” Cavs coach Mike Brown said. “I try not to because coaching a guy like that, working with a guy like that, it’s probably a once in a lifetime deal. You just try to take advantage of every second that you’re with him"

I know coaches heap praises upon their best players sometimes, but when he says things like that or the one year when he said LeBron allows him to coach him and etc. it becomes obvious that he is just a puppet for LeBron and he's only going to be there as long as LBJ wants him there. He really needs to learn how to be in aw of LeBron in private. I'm just sayin.....

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