Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Thoughts Typed Into My Palm Treo About Last Night's First Half

Random thoughts about this Hawks/Lakers game.
Why does the two fouls and you're out rule only apply to starters?
Moe, Acie, Solo Za Za and Marvin. Really?
Sometimes I don't think Woody even watches the game as it unfolds.
the lakers are not only getting second chance opportunities they are getting 4th and 5th chance opportunities.
yay Joe, Acie and Mike at the same time, as if rebounding weren't already a problem its probably going to be an extremely exaggerated problem now.
Sasha is willing to shoot and we are apparently willing to let him.
If Josh finishes this game with more than 4 fouls I will write Paul Pierce a love letter.
Larry Drew's son Landon is adorable!
my little brother who doesn't normally get to watch Hawks games noticed tonight the Hawks have no identity. I've known this for going on 5 years.
things started off so well and then Phil took a timely 20 second timeout with the Hawks leading by 9 in the first and its been all Lakers ever since.
Joe is off and on a night when Mr instant offense Flip Murray isn't available they can't afford to have Joe off.
Why in the hell is Dick Bavetta still so animated at his age?
Kobe is not nice to Joe.
well we had a one point lead at the end of the first qtr, we turned that into a 9 point deficit going into the half.
I'm going to sleep.

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