Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Should Be Common Knowledge

Al Horford needs more touches.

That is all.


ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Well, I'm going to agree that we should want him to get more touches, so we can see if he can handle them. I'm not convinced that getting those touches means he's that great of a player. I'm about to put him in the Acie Law category where I'm wondering whether they aren't giving it to him b/c they know he's not that good in the post OR b/c Woody is such a bad coach that he can't understand that he should give him consistent touches so we can prove one way or the other what his capabilities are...Kinda like Acie - maybe they know he sucks or maybe they are too stupid to figure out that you have to give him some time to prove that he's good or sucks.


CoCo said...

I think Al far from sucks and I don't think Woody has an eye to evaluate whether or not a player sucks. I think he just doesn't trust young players unless he absolutely has to. Flip will be back Friday and Acie will go back to sitting on the bench for games at a time all the while having an expectation of being ready to move mountains when called upon for two or 3 minutes per week.
Woody is a nice guy I'm sure, but he is not a good coach and one of the biggest problems is people who don't regulary watch this team don't know that. They just see the team slightly improving from one season to the next (which can be atticuted to many things, none of which are coaching decisions) and they assume its because he's doing a good job. Like it or not we are going to be stuck with him for the forseeable future unless the team regresses. The bottom half of the conference is so bad that even if they tried to miss the playoffs they probably couldn't. I think that has just as much to do with where this team is as anything else. We'll get to see what they're made of real soon though. Even though they have an unbelievable home stretch in March they are playing the best of the best during that time. It's going to be real interesting going down the stretch.