Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who Would You Rather Lose?

Okay, not that the Hawks are players in the Amare trade, but if they were they'd more than likely have to give up either Josh, Marvin or Al. My question to my 3 loyal readers...

Which player can you live with us moving?

You all know I have a very strange attachment to Josh. I really can't explain it so I'm not even going to bother to try.

When they drafted Marvin, I was disappointed because they needed a point guard and there were two quality guards available in the draft. You already know who they are and if you don't then I apologize for making such an assumption. Having said that, I'm still not naming them. Good thing I don't get paid to write.

Anyway, Marvin is a good player. He may never be an All Star or a household name, but he brings a lot to the table and he'd be an asset to almost any team in the NBA.

Al is dripping potential and at some point he's going to have a coach who knows how to utilize him. (fingers crossed).

In my mind Al is the untouchable one of the three, and while my heart says keep Josh and move Marvin, my brain honestly feels like Marvin would be the more useful player if the team were able to swing a trade for Amare. Marvin knows his role and he straight up accepts it, no questions asked.

Josh is tremendously talented, but he doesn't always make the right basketball play. I'd hate to lose Josh, but Marvin is a player more capable of adapting to his surroundings. He's good for 14 per game right now and he's the 4th or 5th option (depending on if Flip is in the game) on offense.

He's the perfect role player and every team needs that guy who you don't really have to run plays for and he'll still be effective.

So there, I've put aside my affection. If we had to lose one I'd say Josh is the more expendable one, but only for a legitimate low post player.


Jason Walker said...

Seems like there are more guys like Marvin Williams out there than there are Josh Smith or Al Horford.

That makes Williams the most expendable, in my opinion, though his Moustache would be missed.

CoCo said...

I would agree Josh has a better skill set, but I mean if we're trying to build a championship caliber team, I think Marv fits that mold better at this point. But again, only for a legitimate low post threat like Amare would I want to lose Josh. If it were an either or situation just in general, then I'd keep Josh over Marv.
I also happen to believe a better coach could get more out of Josh. That may be a little short sighted, but whatever.

rbubp said...

The interesting thing about Marvin is that he has improved offensively in ways that have not been consistently utilized because of the pecking order and Woodson's unfamiliarity with mismatches. When one of the other scoring options was out Marvin really took up the slack scoring inside; because I watch the games on League Pass, I frequently hear the other teams' commentators take on the Hawks. Marvin's increased offensive skill-set is consistently noted.

Along with the fact that he is very young, very versatile, works hard, is obviously a coachable player and great teammate, and is up for limited free agency...I would have to think he is significant trade bait. Some GM is going to notice that he is ready to be a more featured player who still does all the little things and would be a steal because of market undervaluation/limited display of his full abilities.

I think he will flower somewhere else. I don't want to lose him, but he is too good a guy to take over JJ's or Bibby's shots. But on a team that needed a second offensive option, he could really take off. A place like Phoenix, actually, playing with Shaq and Nash (not that I want that!!!).