Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hawks, The Commisioner, A-Rod

Hawks win! They beat the Bobcats 117 to 109. This is a big win because the Bobcats have owned the Hawks since they entered the league. It's kind of strange, but its true. Unfortunately Josh Smith and Acie Law IV had to leave the game with injuries. (Are you happy EBoy?) They're both listed as day to day. There is a lot of depth on the team, but make no mistake, the Hawks need them! Josh is under appreciated and if he misses any real time everyone will realize that. Joe was fantastic tonight! He had 34 points, and 11 assists. Marvin had another very good game. Maybe this will become so routine that I won't have to mention it, all I'll have to say is Marvin was Marvin. Chills had 23 points and Horford added 13 points and 13 boards. If he averages a double, double he might make a run at ol' Kevin Durant for Rookie Of the Year. It's way too early to talk about awards, but I just want to put it out there. Speaking of Kevin Durant, he's coming to Philips on Friday so He and Al will get to go head to head. I have a fan crush on Kevin Durant, so I'll be paying close attention to this game considering it will be his only trip to Atlanta this season.
T-Mac got hurt. he's just like his cousin.
D Wade came back, but it didn't matter. The Heat still lost to the Sonics. The Heat kind of suck.

There's a report that there was a proposed trade between the Pistons and Lakers that would have sent Rip, Tay, some other dude and a first round draft pick to the Lakers for Kobe. Kobe supposedly vetoed this trade. I don't know why because I think this trade would be a good look for Kobe since Chauncey, Sheed, Dyess, and Maxiell will still be there. Unfortunately Flip Saunders will still be the coach in the playoffs so all of their hard work will go for naught. Anyway, the fact that Kobe has THIS much control over the league leads me to believe I need to refer to him as The Commissioner. He literally has more control than the GM trading him and the GM trading for him. I can't believe he has this much power, but more power to him and whoever negotiated his contract.

The Yankees are reportedly willing to negotiate with A-Rod again if, and only if Scott Boras isn't involved. Sigh. I want A-Rod to go! I told ya'll he was dead to me after his abysmal playoff performance and I'm so for real. Plus, if Alex is dumb enough to keep his agent out of negotiations for his LAST big contract, then the Yankees shouldn't want him anyway because he's clearly an idiot!

Ricky Williams has been reinstated to the NFL. I'll bet money he'll be suspended again for violating the substance abuse policy. He's damn near a fiend.


white hot eboy said...

Co Co, thanks for the love. I've got "intranets" money that says your Hawks catch an ass-whipping next week in the MIA. And yeah, Ricky is now a Dolphin officially. Unreal. Glad your boys are just day to day, too. Appreciate the compliment about my little guy, too. My email is Keep up the good work, btw.

CoCo said...

Eboy you have lost your damn mind if you think my Hawks are going to lose to the sorry ass Miami Heat! LOL