Friday, November 2, 2007

Hawks Win! Scott Boras has lost his damn mind!

The Atlanta Hawks won their season opener against the Dallas Mavericks! Yay! Joe was fantastic and the rookies looked really good as well. They played hard from start to finish and that's all we really want. That and a trip to the playoffs.

There were a lot of other games in the Association, but I really don't feel like talking about them. I have more important things to discuss.

Apparently the Yankees were told in order to meet with A-Rod they needed to be prepared to offer $350 million. I got hold of the transcript of how that conversation went down.

Phone rings: Don't be surprised if she ask where da cash at. Where da, where da cash at, where da cash at? Don't be surprised if she ask where da cash at. (personal ringtone for Scott Boras)
Cashman: How much, and for how long?
Boras: Well hello to you too Brian!
Cashman: Come on Scott, I have shit to do.
Boras: Well, we're thinking we'll start the bidding at $350 million.
Boras: Hello, Brian are you still there? Hellllloooooooo!

I can't make this stuff up people. I swear!


white hot eboy said...

Well, I had the Pats winning by 10 and they won by 4. They now willl have the Colts in their house in the playoffs, if they get there. One and done for the Colts. At least Manning got that one. Pats just won't lose.

CoCo said...

At least the Colts covered. If in fact they were still 6 point underdogs before kickoff. Pats will lose somewhere down the line.