Friday, November 30, 2007

Hawks vs. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is coming to Philips Arena tonight to taunt me! I really hate watching him play. Seriously, it pains me! He's exactly the player the Hawks need in order to achieve this elusive running offense they so desire. Instead we have to rely on a player that I'm unable to acknowledge. Point guards like Chris are few and far between, but the people making personnel decisions were more enamored with Marvin Williams. Um, I don't want to say that Marvin isn't as good of a player as Chris, but its quite possible he isn't. Chris has had an impact since his rookie year and he's no worse than the second best player on the Hornets team. He's already one of the best point guards in the league and he's only 3 years in. Meanwhile we're still waiting on the upside to manifest itself permanently in Marvin. Sigh. I'm getting depressed just thinking of how much better our team would be if we'd chosen him. Anyway, we'll see how we fare against the Hornets tonight. They have been playing pretty well this season, so hopefully the Hawks will deem them worthy opponents and put forth a tremendous effort. I wonder if the running team will show up tonight.
Update: We lost.

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