Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hawks Win!

Yay, the Hawks finally got their first road win of the season! It came against the sorry ass Miami Heat. I know they won't continue to play this poorly throughout the season, but for right now they really are sorry as hell. Told ya we wouldn't lose to the sorry ass Heat EBOY! The Hawks found themselves down by 10 heading into the 4th quarter, but I guess they decided they really wanted to win the game so they did. It was a hard fought game. Joe was big late in the fourth quarter. He hit two big 3 pointers when they all but dared him to shoot. The biggest play of the night was when Josh Smith blocked D Wade's shot with about 5 seconds to go. It was perfectly timed!
I still don't trust Mike Woodson or this team in the clutch because there were a couple of possessions late in the game where Joe didn't even touch the ball. That can't happen. If he's on the floor he's always the best option. Josh also called their last timeout with just under a minute remaining. He was in a bit of a jam, but still.... Anyway, they won so I guess all is well. Next up is Minnesota on Saturday, hopefully they'll come up with a win.

Gilbert Arenas is going to miss 3 months following knee surgery. He should have waited a little longer before returning obviously. When will these athletes learn??
Priest Holmes retired today. He was about 2 years overdue. He had a great career all things considered.....


white hot eboy said...

Yawn. Talk to me in March, sweetheart.

CoCo said...

Don't be so bitter EBOY!