Monday, November 5, 2007

Hawks Lose

The Hawks lost to the Pistons 91-92. They had plenty of opportunities to win the game, but in the end a couple of mental mistakes cost them. Josh Smith turned the ball over a gazillion times by himself, but he atoned for it by making 3 straight free throws to tie the game with only a few seconds left.

Marvin had 2 bad fouls at the end of the game, especially the one that put Chauncey on the line to seal the deal for Detroit, but that's neither here nor there. Detroit is the measuring stick in the East and my boys hung in there with them even though they came out swinging. They play the Nets on Tuesday, hopefully they'll come back to Atlanta with a win before they have to face the Suns on Wednesday. By the way, Joe Johnson is really good and he makes it look so easy.


white hot eboy said...

The Pistons are pretty ordinary. Not worried about them in the least. They're bench is horrid.

CoCo said...

They'll be there in the end though because they're always there.

white hot eboy said...

You know, I think one of the two, Bobcats or Hawks will be a wild card that pulls a playoff spot. It might be the Hawks because they have a little more depth, so hey, you may be cheering deep into April.