Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hawks Lose

So the Hawks lost to the sorry ass Bulls last night. They are now 0-12 against the Bulls over the past 3 season. This is ridiculous. They gave up 90 points to the Bulls who are the lowest scoring team in the league if I'm not mistaken. Then, they had the nerve to only score 78 points. Where is this running team that they were supposed to be?? Do they only attend certain games? Are they only allowed to speed up the pace once a week? Really, I don't know what the problem is, but dammit they need to fix it. Their offense is ABYSMAL! 90% of their "offensive sets" start from the right side of the court. There's little to no variety! Also, no one in the organization is allowed to mention Speedy Claxton and or his injury in reference to this team. Ever. Eazy Yi (as Slamonline refers to him) and the Bucks are in town tonight. They're coming off of a loss as well so this game should be interesting.

Update: The Hawks beat Eazy Yi and the Bucks. It was a great team effort and they need to play that way more often.

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