Sunday, November 18, 2007

Random Stuff

Here's a real quick rundown of the days games:
The Celtics lost their first game of the season to the Magic.
Bobby Petrino has some splainin' to do. Falcons lost to the Bucs behind Byron Leftwich. Falcons fans were literally chanting for Joey Harrington. Yeah, it's that bad. He should have started anyway considering he'd won the last 2 games and Byron hadn't played in like 3 weeks. Bobby must really miss college. Not to worry though, if he keeps making decisions like this he'll be back there soon enough.
The Jags beat the Chargers.
Cowboys beat the Skins. T O is good.
Eagles beat the Dolphins. McNabb left the game in the 2nd with a sprained ankle.
Browns beat the Ravens.
Rams beat the Niners.
Pats are beating the Bills. Moss is good.
Seahawks beat the Bears.
Colts barely beat the Chiefs.
Steelers lost to the Jets. Mike Tomlin is still handsome.
Giants beat the Lions.
Packers beat the Panthers.
Cardinals beat the Bengals. Cincy is unbelievably bad.

Tom Glavine will return to the Braves. If this were the 90's that would be a big deal.
Not that you care, for the record I don't either, but Jimmie Johnson won the Nascar Nextel Cup Championship or whatever the hell its called. I can't think of a more unwatchable sport than Nascar. They're probably the reason gas prices are so damn high. I'm sure that's not true, but I'm just sayin......

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