Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Series, Best Game Ever (at least that's what most people are hoping)

The Boston Red Sox finished off their sweep of the Rockies to win the World Series. They were the best team all season and it held up in the post-season. As a Yankees fan, it disgusts me, but I totally respect all they had to overcome to win it this year.
A-Rod opted out of his contract because he didn't know what the team was going to do with Mo, Jorge and Andy. Yeah right. He opted out because his agent told him he could get him $30 million per year. Let's be serious here Alex. It's not like the Yankees have won a ring or even been to the damn World Series with him, so I actually couldn't care less that he's leaving.
Giants beat the Dolphins.
Eagles beat the Vikings.
Chargers beat the Texans.
Browns beat the Rams.
Bills beat the Jets.
Steelers beat the Bengals.
Saints beat the Niners.
Jags beat the Bucs.
Titans beat the Raiders
Colts beat the Panthers
Pats beat the hell out of the Skins.

Let the hype begin! Peyton vs Brady. Both teams undefeated. I might not turn to ESPN for 2 weeks. If you thought the hype surrounding the Pats/Cowboys game was unbearable, wait until they finish with this Pats/Colts game. At least there's actually something on the line in this game. They'll probably meet in the postseason and the winner will have home-field advantage. On an unrelated note, the Pats are pushing it leaving Brady in blowout games late. He could get hurt and I'm not talking about by accident. When you have a 45 point lead, there's no reason to have your starting quarterback in the game. New England is going to try to embarrass the wrong group of players and they are going to find themselves without Tom Brady for the rest of the season. The bad thing about it is that it's only going to cost some team a 15 yard penalty in a game they aren't going to win anyway. I hope it doesn't happen, but it might.


white hot eboy said...

Hey Co Co. I really think that the game is just a simple formality. Whoever gets the win, pretty much has a run to immortality open to them. I got the Pats, by about 10. 34-24. I think their offense is just TOO loaded for the Colts to try and pester them. Those cheating allegations were about the worst thing that could have been happened to the rest of the NFL.

CoCo said...

I think home-field is definitely up for grabs in this game unless the Steelers come in and take care of one of them in the playoffs, which could happen. I think I'm going to go with the Colts just cuz.