Monday, October 8, 2007

The End of an Era

Its finally over. The Joe Torre era, the A-Rod era, the Rocket era, the Pettite era (possibly) the Rivera era (possibly) the Posada era (possibly). Yep, its all over. Those are some old ass dudes anyway. I think the Yankees are about to be officially engulfed in a "youth movement". The Indians youthful exuberance proved to be too much for the pinstripes. The 2-6 hitters are all dead to me, at least until next season.

Tony Romo threw 5 interceptions and lost a fumble and the damn Cowboys still won! If they had been playing anyone other than the Bills they probably would have lost. They were clearly looking ahead to next week's game against New England. Both teams are undefeated, but something's gotta give.


white hot eboy said...

Co Co, as I grew up as a Yankees lover, it's painful to watch them struggle in the playoffs for the last few years. Torre's time has come and gone. I think a new voice can be better served at this time. And the Cowboys/Pats game will be must see tv.

CoCo said...

White Hot I am a die hard Yankees fan and I hate to see them struggle. I'm all for them bringing in a new voice if it will help, but a lot of the things that have been plaguing the team aren't Joe's fault. Cashman needs to take some heat for the state of this team. Whatever moves he makes this offseason he needs to leave some wiggle room. For example quit giving everyone a damn no trade clause. They can't make moves like normal teams because the only people they can move are the young ones they desperately need to keep. Don't even get me started.