Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yankees, Random Football Stuff

Yankees won. They're still down 2-1 but at least they didn't get swept like Chicago, Philly and Los Angeles/Anaheim. The Rocket tried to do us in, but Phil Hughes came out and saved the season for at least one more day. The Boss says if Joe loses this series he's out of there. What's new?

The Saints suck. Still. Is Sean Payton still a genius?

The J E T S suck. Is Eric Mangini still a genius?

The Chargers finally won another game. Their division is extremely weak this year so they are still very much in playoff contention.

The Pats and Colts are still undefeated. (yawn)

The Steelers beat the Seahawks and in all of the highlights no one cut away to Mike Tomlin on the sideline. How dare they deprive the ladies of getting a glimpse of him in those shades?

Trent Green suffered another concussion. Where is his wife or parents or brother or sister or somedamnbody to tell him to stop? Seriously, he needs to stop!

The Falcons lost to the Titans and they did it behind Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich. They had several chances to win the game, but they never took advantage of their opportunities. Vince played horribly, but not as horribly as the Falcons one/two punch at QB.

The Bears beat the Packers for their second win of the season. Brett showed us the Brett of old in the second half. He was trying those little flip passes and throwing into places he shouldn't have. He only threw 2 picks though. That's a good day for him.

Matt Leinart broke his collarbone. That's too bad because just the other day he proclaimed that the team should ride or die with him. It looks like they'll have to ride or die with Kurt Warner for the foreseeable future.

The Redskins beat the Lions. I thought Detroit was for real. That's what everyone said when they were 2-0. They're not looking so good right now. They don't deserve to be winners ever after the way they treated Barry. It's karma.

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