Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Precious Rehabilitated Pits, Super Classy Pats

What a day! Not really, but it sounds good. Anyway, some things have happened lately that perplex the hell out of me.
For starters, the people holding the 49 dogs in the Mike Vick dog fighting scandal are convinced that all but 1 of them can be placed with new owners. Um, all I have to say is if you get one of those dogs and it attacks or kills you then you deserve it. It's debatable whether or not Pits are naturally aggressive, but you've got to be a damn fool if you bring one of those dogs into your home! You already know what their history is, so you know there's the potential that they could snap and you have no idea what might trigger it. These dogs have been trained to kill and I just don't think they're going to lose those instincts in a matter of months. All of this is potentially bad news for Mr. Vick. Let's say John Doe gets one of these precious rehabilitated Pit Bulls and all goes well for a few weeks. Then, all of a sudden this precious rehabilitated Pit snaps and attacks John Doe, but thankfully he lives. There will be a civil suit against one Mr.Vick. I'm not a lawyer, but please believe you can sue anybody in this damn country. People are suing God for God's sake! The minute one of these precious rehabilitated Pits attacks or kills someone they'll be trying to hold Mr. Vick liable. Just wait and see. They won't go after the animal shelter that reassured them that these dogs were precious and rehabilitated, they'll go straight for Mr. Vick. Everyone assumes he's made of money but the people who work in these shelters which is a thankless low paying job (allegedly, I don't know one way or the other) are not. Even though logically it would make more sense to go after the shelter, they'll trust their gut and go after Mr. Vick for a few million dollars which should end all of their pain and suffering. Hopefully none of this will come to fruition, but the possibility is certainly there. I hope no children are injured, but to the adult that brings this precious rehabilitated Pit who has a history of violence into his or her home, you deserve whatever happens to you. When you have the 2007 version of Cujo on your hands, just remember you asked for it!
I was listening to Colin Cowherd today (don't ever do this) and he went on this diatribe about how classy the Pats are and how unclassy the Bengals are. Now we all know a lot of the Bengals are far from being choir boys, but to get on national radio and act like the Pats are infallible just because half of them haven't been arrested recently is absurd. We've all done some questionable things in our pasts, maybe nothing illegal but I'm sure you've done some things you aren't proud of. The Pats are no different. Hell, Tom Brady is a "baby daddy", but for some reason him knocking up a girl who lives 3000 miles away just doesn't seem to be a bad thing. That's real classy. Never mind the fact that he won't be a part of this child's life for 7 months at a time unless his baby momma packs up her shit and travels to New England to ensure that he has a chance to be an involved dad. It doesn't really matter though because he wins games. Bill Belichick was misinterpreting NFL rules about videotaping other teams in between committing adultery. Yeah that wreaks of class! Rodney Harrison has been busted for using illegal steroids as far back as the 2004 Super Bowl. There are but a handful of people who are as classy as he is. Let's not forget about ol' Randy and his issues. It's amazing how you can go from problem child/clubhouse cancer to consummate professional teammate when you are on pace to catch 30 touchdowns. None of his past indiscretions matter now that he's with the classiest of classy organizations. There's no one I want my kids looking up to more than this guy. (I don't have kids, but even if I did I wouldn't let them worship someone just because he can catch a ball or run fast or jump high. That's a whole other issue for another day though). Anyway, if this Mike Vick situation has taught us anything its that we have no idea who these people really are when the lights go off and the cameras stop rolling. They could be just as unscrupulous as the next dude and in a lot of cases we'll never find out about it. Yes the Pats are a good team and they keep whatever problems they have in the clubhouse for the most part, but let's not act like they're beyond reproach. They have some trifling mo'foes on their team just like everyone else! People are just willing to overlook it because they're winning. I'm just sayin......

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