Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The State of the Yankees

I've had a couple of days to think about the demise of my favorite team and now I'm ready to vent. This might be one of those times where the post doesn't flow as well as others, but stay with me. I've made mention of pretty much everything I'm about to make mention of now in previous posts. It needs to be said again and again until something changes.

Joe Torre is going to be made available to the job market this winter and I have mixed feelings about that. They haven't won it all in a few years, but you cannot just discount what this man has done for that franchise. He's been to 6 World Series and he's won 4 of them. The team hasn't missed the post season with him at the helm, yet the Boss is ready to just let him go because they didn't win it all this season. It's kind of crazy when you think about it. I don't know of any fan base other than the Yankees fans who wouldn't be satisfied with this man's resume`. For most fans it's not World Series or bust, but not Yankees fans. We want it all. This ain't horseshoes! Almost doesn't count! Maybe our unrealistic expectations are contributing to the Boss's decision to turn over a new leaf. Owners (good owners) are all about pleasing the fans. What if we're wrong though?

On the other hand, Joe has been there many, many years so maybe it's time for a new voice. Maybe they have gone as far as they can go with him and obviously 4 World Series wins isn't far enough.

This is a little off the subject, but I think it's very relevant. People often say things like "he should be able to go out on his own terms" about college coaches like Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden because they made their college football programs what they are today. Why don't they say the same things about pro coaches? I never understood that logic to be honest. Just because you built the program up you're entitled to stay way past your coaching prime and run it right back into the ground if you see fit.?. I just don't understand how college coaching legends can be unfireable (probably not a word), but someone like Joe Torre isn't given such a courtesy by the media. It's not about the money, because college coaches are just as well paid as professional coaches. So really, what's the difference? I know Joe Torre didn't build up the Yankees franchise, but he's won 4 championships and kept the team in realistic contention the other years. Should he not be able to go out on his own terms?

No one is talking about Brian Cashman or the Boss for that matter. Let's look at some of the people on the roster who had a no trade clause in their contract the past couple of seasons. Jeter, A-Rod, Posada, Damon, Matsui, Giambi, Carl Pavano ( I hate mentioning his name) There's no way to improve the team because you can't trade anydamnbody without their consent. Brian Cashman or the Boss (I'm not sure who's really behind all these moves) put the team at a disadvantage because nobody is movable. They all have no trade clauses and on top of that, they're disgustingly overpaid! Even if you could convince someone to take them and their bloated salaries you'd still have to get them to sign off on it and that's easier said than done. That's no way to run your business. Everyone doesn't deserve a no trade clause and for an owner with the highest expectations he should know better.

It's not all Joe's fault that the team has failed recently. There are some flaws on the roster that they're able to hide April thru September, but there's no hiding in October. The fact is that the team is stuck with a lot of these players. The same players who have come up short in the playoffs the past few seasons. So how does the team get better? The only players they can trade are players that they can't trade! They can't or shall I say shouldn't trade Cano, Wang, Cabrera, Hughes, Duncan or Chamberlain. Basically, the team that has failed us these past couple of years is the same team that's going to fail us in the next couple of years. (minus A-Rod certainly, Posada and Rivera probably) The Boss and the fans are way too impatient to go through a real youth movement, so I suppose we Yankees fans better find a way to get satisfied with being knocked out in the first round. Hell, Braves fans have been doing it for years.

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