Sunday, January 25, 2009

Live Blog Second QTR

The Sky Squad is not at their best tonight. I'm a little disappointed. Actually I'm a lot disappointed.
Ciara's in the house and she's dancing in her seat. Cute green jacket.

Start of the second, Shaq's back in the game as is Bibby.
Bibby picks up his second, see ya in the 3rd qtr sweetie!

JJ checks back in.
Air ball by J Rich.

Suns lead by 3
Flip Murray to the line courtesy of Shaq. Yes and yes.

Flip Murray and your Hawks take the lead! Then give it right back. Timeout hawks.

Time for Hawkapella Karaoke. I love this. One of the players sings a song and the fan has to guess the song.

Marvin Williams sings Shaquille Oneals What's Up Doc which came out in 1993. She had to guess the year.
Hawks lead by 3 Ive missed a couple of possessions cuz I was mixing an energy drink. Yikes

Suns foul, Grant Hill his first team third.
Foul on Matt Barnes that was actually on Shaq, but whatever. Marvin to the line.
Yes and yes.

Ryan wants defense, Hawks don't oblige. Amare for two.

Foul on grant Hill, Joe to the line. Yes and yeeees. (it rattled in)

Tie game while I was texting my buddy Walt.

Joe Johnson for 2, he's found his shot.
Shaq to the line, yes and no
Josh is putting in work against Amare.

Too Many Steps. Hawks Ball!
Our first dance by the A-Town Dancers. So what, they're still a rock star.

42-39 Hawks with 5:48 to go in the half.

Randolph Morris has picked up two quick fouls.

Barbosa with a 3. Suns lead by 2

Randolph Morris has picked up his 3rd foul, but Woody leaves him in. this makes no sense. He takes out the really good players for the half but lets the not so really good players stay in. Oh Mike. I can't figure you out at all.

Josh Smith just hit another long jumpr and immediately comes down and puts his private parts in Steve Nash's grill, but he missed the free throw but so what!
Steve Nash has 3 fouls and Terry Porter looks slightly confused.

Hawks are looking good closing out the half. 52-47

Kiss Cam time. It's really early for this. They put it on Brook Lopez and um I think his name is Munson. He's willing but Lopez is not.

I have a major headache.
Amare for two.
A score and one more for Marvin! yes on the ft
Ryan wants defense. We give him a defensive 3 second violation. Hill makes the free throw.
Josh defends Amare well.
Hawks turnover.
Foul on Randolph Morris, Othello Hunter comes in to relieve him!
Randolph Morris has like 4 fouls in 6 minutes. You can't coach that stuff.
For some reason Bob Delaney t's up Woody. Maybe Woody doesn't know we're winning.
FLIP MURRAY to the line, yes and no.
Hawks lead 57-55 at the end of the first half. I'm headed to the club level to rub arms with the groupies for a few.

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