Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Good Old Fashioned Vent!

Last night's game against the Heat disappointed me.
I don't fault their effort, but damn they made the Heat look like the Celtics defensively. That's unacceptable.
Mike has struggled mightily the last two games.
Joe for the most part has struggled mightily since December.
Al is still out.
If you're keeping score this all adds up to the Hawks losing games.
Josh is playing well, but he needs one of the guards to play well as well.
Flip Murray has been the best guard on the team the last two games. Make of that what you will.
Mike Bibby is really making it hard for me to convince people he's deserving of his first All Star appearance. Of course two games does not undo everything else he's done, but these last two games are the most recent things coaches will remember. He may have played himself out of the All Star game last night (if they were considering him in the first place).
I said a few days ago that health was going to be the biggest issue going forward. Now I have to amend that to scoring is going to be the biggest issue going forward. How do you go almost 14 minutes without a field goal? That's dreadful.
I'd like to never ever ever see Acie, Mike and Joe on the floor at the same time again. Thanks in advance.
If Joe and Mike don't have it, find a guard who does. That just so happens to be Flip lately, but what's the harm in putting West and or Gardner out there when you're losing by 20? Aren't they up 20, down 20 guys anyway?
Next up the SSOL Knicks. Hopefully we can get our Twenty Four Seconds Or Less offense back on track.

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Jason Walker said...

24 Seconds or Less---ZING! Now I am the one laughing, CC----well done!