Sunday, January 25, 2009

Live Blog from The Highlight Factory ,Pre-Game

Hello all. I'm coming to you live from Philips arena. Yay. Tonight the Hawks will be taking on the Suns.
First things first, this will not be spell checked or proofread.
Second things second. Most of the people who read my blog are here live blogging right beside me. Shout out to all of you!
We are sitting in a suite waiting on Rick Sund. He's a lil late, but we understand. I only have one question to ask him anyway. Will we re-sign Mike Bibby? I don't really care about anything else at this point.
Marvin Williams is down there working on his free throws as we speak. Thank goodness. You know how they used to run the free throw drills in highschool where the players would line up like they would if there were a game while one person shoots and you clap once if they miss and twice if they make it. Yeah okay maybe they only did that in Alabama, but whatever. The Hawks should totally try that. Just so I'd know for sure that they actually practice free throws and they just suck at them. Right now I'm just convinced they don't practice. I'd love to be proven wrong.
there are a lot of Suns fans here. Yuck. I hope we send them home mildly depressed in a couple of hours.
I'm so glad we have great seating tonight. Last year we had to sit in the rafters. That's about all I have for pre-game activities. I'll be back hopefully before the tip off.

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