Sunday, January 25, 2009

Middle of the third QTR

Okay while I was eating. The Hawks started the third qtr much like they started the first qtr.

Suns lead by 2 70-68
Mike Bibby's shot is waaaay off today, just so you know. He won't fret over it if i know him like I think I do. He never does. It's just basketball. I don't actually know him, but I mean reading his quotes after he has a poor game I know he won't care.
Joe is at the line, no and yes.
I love Mike Bibby, but my goodness his defense is like that of Steve Nash. Awful. They couldn't keep posters in front of them.
I wonder how far 20,000 sky miles would take you.
Back in for your Hawks FLIP MURRAY.

Our 3 point shooting has not been good tonight. I don't know the stats so I'm just guessing.

Hawks trail by 1

Moe at the line courtesy of Munson. Yes and yes, Hawks take the lead, then give it right back.

Marvin hit a three so some lucky fan just won 20,000 sky miles and he said Marv would do it. Good for him.
Tech on Terry Porter. Marv at the line and he missed it. We suck at free throws and its unacceptable.
Hawks lead by 1 with 2:54 left in the quarter.

Solo just picked up his fourth out of the timeout. Jason Richardson at the line, yes and yes.
Hawks foul Mike Bibby. I think it was a moving screen.


ryan wants defense as does the crowd. We oblige.

Mike Bibby is unbelievably off tonight. He won't quit shooting though.
We are ending this third qtr sloppily.
Okay I officially want Mike to stop shooting. I thought he had at least this game to leave a lasting impression on the coaches so maybe they'd vote him in the All Star game, but he is not so they may not. Guess I won't be watching. 83-80 Suns after 3.

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