Sunday, January 25, 2009

Opening Tip, First Qtr

Rick showed up a few minutes ago. He was awesome very candid. I'll have some quotes from him at a later date. Just know that he doesn't share my concerns about Flip.
We're about 3 minutes away from tip off. This game worries me because Phoenix really really really needs a win. Their east coast trip has not been kind to them.
Out on the court there is a large group of children all wearing Al Horford jerseys. I presume they are about to grace us with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled banner.
Okay Spirit just made his descent from the rafters. The Atlanta Hawks drumline is now on the floor.
I'm sitting beside Drew from Za Za's Playground and Peachtree Hoops. Apparently he's taken over from Brett who is now uber famous and blogging for ESPN's Truehoop Network.

The Highlight Factory is now open for business.

Bob Delaney is here. This game could so go either way.

Starting lineup for the Suns: Shaq, Amare, Grant Hill, Nash, and Jason Richardson

Hawks starters: Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Za Za, Mike Bibby and Marvin Williams.

Hawks win the opening tip. By default.
Mike Bibby for two

Jason Richardson for 3. I hear he's incredible in NBA Live.
Okay I'm not going to opine on every possession.
5-2 Suns
Josh Smith with the layup.

Jason Richardson got blocked, Marv came down and hit a j.

Its awfully quiet in here, but there are a lot of people in the arena.

The crowd wants defense, Josh Smith obliges and makes Amare dribble it off his foot.

6-7 Suns lead
Joe misses a layup.

Marv fouls Hill. 2 shots. yes and yes

Turnover Hawks, turnover Suns.

Hawks ball.
For everyhing Steve Nash and Mike Bibby bring you on offense, they are horrible on defense.
timeout Hawks. Suns lead 11-6

The game is sloppy early on, there's no energy in the building right now. Hopefully that will end soon.
Beyonce says if you like it then you should have put a ring on it. I concur. I'm also wearing tight Dereon jeans just so ya know.
The Hawks are working way too hard for their shots.
Josh just hit a long jumper. Drew is now very afraid.
And one for Shaq.
Suns have opened up a 10 point lead.
The refs refuse to call fouls on Suns players. Told yall this game could go either way with Bob Delaney. He's always the closest official to the Hawks player getting mugged, but he never sees it.
Timeout Hawks, Suns have a 12 point lead.
I told you this game worried me because the Suns need a win like badly.

I'm stillc onfident about our chances because we've gotten off to slow starts before, but um still. I'd like them to score on this next possession. That'd be great.

Finally! a foul on a Suns player!
JJ at the line, yes and in for your Hawks Solo for Za Za. Joe missed the second free throw of course.

Offensive foul Amare Stoudemire.
All of Joe's sots are short tonight.
Hawks are settling for jumpers. Score is 22-11 Phoenix.
Josh Smith for 2.
Ryan Cameron wants defense, so do I. Hawks oblige! 24 second violation.

Moe Evans in for Marvin, Matt Barnes in for Hill.
Moe Evans for 3.
6 point game.
8 point game.

Solo to the line, timeout Phoenix.
Time for Inside the Hawks.
Mario West says people say he looks like Denzel. hahahahahahhahahahahaah! I mean Mario is cute, but stop it.
Moe Evans is slightly boring on the jumbotron.
Randolph Morris has a lot of personality on the jumbotron. Unexpected.
Mike Bibby wants to have dinner with Michael Jordan and Tupac.
Joe wants to have dinner with Magic Johnson. And that was Inside The Hawks presented by UPS.
In for your Hawks out of the timeout FLIP MURRAY!
Solo missed one of two.
Leandro Barbosa is in the game. Oh no.

17-24 Suns lead.

17-26 Suns.
Joe is off tonight, but he's still willing to shoot. Gotta love that.

Ryan wants defense. Solo obliges.
Timeout Phoenix, Hawks have cut it to 5.
Foul on Solo out of the timeout, Barbosa makes 1 of 2 free throws.

Lets Go Hawks! Let's Go Hawks

Joe Johnson.

Joe Johnson for 3.
1 point game. Ryan want defense! Hawks oblige.
End of the first qtr 26-27 Phoenix. Hawks defense towards the end of the quarter was awesome!

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