Sunday, January 25, 2009

Start of the 4th qtr

Alright this is it. I hope this game doesn't come down to free throws.

FLIP is in for Bibby and I'm actually okay with it. Our first possession did not go well. Phoenix leads by 5

Where is Za Za?
Flip is actually the person I'm most comfortable with right now since Marv isn't on the floor.
A Score and one more for Solo and yes.

Hawks foul Mo Evans.
Offensive foul Shaq. Ryan is disgusted with it btw.
Josh Smith with the jam. My boy is playing tonight. He's playing Amare to a draw right now. He has 17 and 10 Amare has 16 and 4. Actually Josh is playing better and he has 2 monster highlights in this game. If he doesn't make Sportscenter I'm going to be unhappy. Well actually I might not know one way or the other, but I'm just saying.
88-85 with 9:27 to go in the game.
Back in for the Hawks Za Za for Solo. Solo did a fine job tonight.

Joe works so hard and the refs don't respect him at all! I'd be fuming if I were at home. I'd be cussing and acting a fool.
Solo is back in.
Shaq at the line, Phoenix leads by 1, free throw is no good.
Oh no Barbosa for 3 and Bibby is coming back in the game.
94-90 Phoenix.
I'm going to have to wrap this thing up a little before the game ends. Hopefully we'll be winning. 7:04 to go in the fourth.
heaven help us if we come out here with 4 guards. Um Mike for Flip was not a good move at this point. Mike has nothing tonight. Hopefully he'll make me eat these words.
And just like that he hits a 3 at the top of the key.
Okay I'm about to wrap this up and just watch the rest of the game. I'll let you know if the Hawks won in the morning.
Joe just missed a wide open layup. I'm gone. Score is 95-94 Hawks.

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